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July 2013, Issue 7

True Colors

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The LeaderShape® Institute through True-Color[ed] Glasses

It is the morning of May 11th and I am at the John Newcombe Tennis Ranch in New Braunfels. My belongings are unpacked and I am excited about meeting co-lead facilitators, Daphne and Sean from LeaderShape®, for Cluster Facilitator training and my Cluster Family, twelve absolutely awesome students from UTSA!

I am sitting outside under a canopy of trees which virtually block out any surrounding noise from the city. The sun is shining softly and there is a light breeze. I am basically one with nature at this point which appeals nicely to the blue and orange in my color spectrum. I am looking through my LeaderShape manual wondering what is in store for me and our students this week. Yes, a manual that by the looks of it could appear a bit overwhelming to some, but nonetheless, makes my gold side at complete peace. As I progress through the LeaderShape Institute experience, I come to realize that the curriculum has been carefully crafted which is definitely intriguing to the green in me.

How do you reflect on the different colors in your spectrum? Is it environmental (where you are) or situational (what you are doing)?

Prior to signing up to become a Cluster Facilitator, I heard some great things about LeaderShape from past participants. I knew I wanted to participate in the LeaderShape Institute as this was on my UTSA bucket list. This was now my opportunity to immerse myself in the LeaderShape experience. Even before I participated in LeaderShape, I believed in the concept of leadership development so going in I knew our students would benefit from their LeaderShape experience. What I did not realize was how transformative the experience was going to be for me. As I reflect back on that week in May, I know my entire color spectrum was brightened or lightened at times. I was essentially immersed in LeaderShape and the exercising of my True Colors© simultaneously. It was as if I had also participated in a program specifically designed to enhance my color spectrum, a mini True Colors marathon of sorts, which turned out to be an added bonus to my experience.

Think of a time when you were immersed in a new situation. What did you learn?

LeaderShape takes current leadership literature and fashions it into a program that enables participants to discover and understand who they are, how they communicate and what type of leader they wish to be. The program encourages participants to lead with integrity and live in a world where anything is possible. Participants learn about building community, teamwork and managing chaos and change. They have a chance to engage in constructive dialogue and challenge the status quo. They set a course for the future by developing a vision and establishing action steps to accomplish their goals.

As a Cluster Facilitator, you will have a unique and rewarding opportunity to learn about the lives of the students in your Cluster Family and what is meaningful to them. You will also interact and learn from other cluster facilitators and families and foster a greater appreciation for leadership development. I wish every student at UTSA could participate in the LeaderShape Institute. The curriculum, indoor and outdoor activities and small and large group discussions were excellent! Our lodging and meals were great, too! I only have positive things to say about my LeaderShape experience and I am looking forward to reuniting with my Cluster Family during Roadrunner Days.

So, if you are ready to be transformative and transformed at the same time while putting your True Colors through a workout, then LeaderShape is for you! Mark your calendars now for May of next year and consider adding this to your very own UTSA bucket list.

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Carol Gonzalez
Student Ombudsperson

True Colors Training

True Colors Training Schedule for STAFF (SD 410) ---- FALL 2013
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True Colors Training Schedule for Student Affairs STUDENT employees (SD 417) -- FALL 2013
Training Schedule for FALL 2013 ----- see attached schedule

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