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August 2013, Issue 8

True Colors

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Practice the Four C’s

As REACH curriculum development approaches its final stages, the education team is reflecting back on what we have learned so far. True Colors, Four C’s and REACH fit together like building blocks. We cannot get to the top without all of the layers. True Colors was the first building block which illustrates who we are individually. It helps us to understand each other’s tendencies and strengths. Four C’s snaps into place next describing how we interact with our co-workers and serve our students. REACH builds upon True Colors and Four C’s by providing a common set of expectations we have of our programs and services and what our students should be learning from them. We need a good foundation in who we are and how we do our jobs before we can assess if we are on track with what our programs and services are teaching students.

While staff find True Colors very relatable and are able to personalize it, the Four C’s have gotten lost a bit along the way. The Education Team encourages you to find ways to make it a part of our everyday culture just like True Colors. We want your input on how to stimulate the Four C’s discussion in our work. It is evident that the Four C’s are active by the successful programs and services we offer each and every semester, but we need to talk about the processes and steps necessary to achieve our successes in terms of the Four C’s.

So as you read this month’s newsletter I encourage you to put on your Four C’s hat and practice using the Four C’s as follows:

    Step 1: Create Opportunities – Be a part of creating new and relatable opportunities to reconnect with the Four C’s by simply completing this survey.
    Step 2: Encourage Communication – Forward the link to the Four C’s newsletter article to co-workers and encourage them to communicate their thoughts and ideas back to the education team.
    Step 3: Connect with Co-Workers – Take a moment to get up from your computer and visit with your co-workers about their thoughts on the survey, the Four C’s and the best way to revive the Four C’s in your office or across the division.
    Step 4: Collaborate and Get Going! – You do not have to wait for the results of the survey. Poll your office and take action now. Have a discussion in your next staff meeting about ways to put the Four C’s in action in your office.

Tammy Casas
Associate Director
Office of the Registrar

Four C's Training

Four C’s Training Schedule for STAFF (SD 415) – FALL 2013
Training Schedule for FALL 2013 ----- see attached schedule

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