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August 2013, Issue 8

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Pooled Position Clean-Up

Eliminating Multiple Incumbents in Pooled Positions in Preparation for PeopleSoft Conversion and Future Processing of Position and Job Record/Assignments in PeopleSoft

The UTSA project team in coordination with Human Resources is recommending a change to one of our current processes. The history and our recommendation is below.

Current Process:

HRMS/DEFINE allows us to pool positions, which means that the position can have multiple, concurrent incumbent assignments. In addition, there was no requirement for the position FTE and the employee’s assignment FTE into that position to match. For example, a position FTE could be 100% but the assignment in that position could be 50% without impact to other benefits, payroll etc.

Purpose of Decision/Details:

PeopleSoft is a very integrated system. Many position attributes are reflected in the job record/assignment. Examples of these attributes are FTE, “reports to”, location, building and mail code. The ‘reports to’ attribute determines creation and approval of specific employee transactions. Therefore, for optimal use of PeopleSoft Position Management, the job record/assignment must match the position. Effective immediately, departments will be instructed to begin creating enough new positions so that on September 1, 2013, each UTSA employee will have their own unique position number.

Since PeopleSoft will use full position management, every employee must be assigned to a position. One-to-one position management aligns the campus with PeopleSoft best practices and optimizes key functionality.

  • Departments will not have the ability to maintain separate job and position attributes, such as ‘reports to’ and FTE.
  • A one-to-one person-to-position ratio will resolve identified data conversion errors between HRMS and PeopleSoft. Departments will have access to cleaner data upon implementation with ongoing clean-up being minimized.
  • Position and job record/assignment data will be easier to manage once we go live in PeopleSoft.

Task at Hand:

  • Each workstudy (Student Assistant) you intend to hire from 9/1/13 will require their own unique position. Assign one workstudy per pooled position in order for the document to route properly to Financial Aid.
  • For all student and TA titles, you must create new singular positions for each individual you intend to hire beginning 9/1/13.

The attachment contains various screenshots identifying information which will assist you in this cleanup task such as:

  1. how to identify your pooled positions
  2. the current incumbents in those positions
  3. the hours per week they are currently assigned
  4. the specific ‘reports to’ person for each incumbent in the pooled position

If you have any questions regarding this change in process or how to accomplish this task, please call Henry Barrera at 458-8222.

Bob Miller
Bob Miller
Associate Director of Student Affairs Budget
Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs