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September 2013, Issue 9

Message from VPSA

Sam Gonzales

Let me start this month’s message by saying – Thank you!

The work that went into everything related to the beginning of the semester continues to amaze me. Through the preparation and implementation of the opening of the fall semester, I was able to witness our excellence model – the Four C’s at work. From your collaborative efforts in preparing for the first day of classes to your ability to create programs that foster connections, the work speaks for itself in the minds and hearts of our students. It isn’t just talk! It is grounded in action.

As I reflect on the past couple of weeks, I recall the joy on the faces of the Class of 2017. I saw them at Convocation screaming their college chant. I saw them on campus finding classes, securing aid and finding student organizations. I saw them at last weekend’s football game running with the Rowdy Rush. They are proud to be Roadrunners. They came to a place that cares. They care in return.

My thank you is not limited to the fact that great programs and services were produced. I am proud that each of you cared about our students, their success and their experience. You cared enough to volunteer. You cared enough to work those extra hours. You cared enough to explain every detail, so our students are informed. Thank you. Your hard work is appreciated. Your efforts relate directly to student success.

With that in mind, my challenge to you over the next few months is to not let up. Keep caring for our students. Stay informed with the most up-to-date information about how to best serve them. Stay excited about UTSA and all it has to offer. Each day is a day to contribute to student success. Make it feel like Roadrunner Days every day.

Best wishes,

We Are UTSA! We Are Student Affairs!