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September 2013, Issue 9

True Colors

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Practice the Four C’s

With a new academic year beginning, we have many new staff members joining our UTSA family. As they become integrated and learn more about their roles, we need to ask ourselves how we can contribute to their success as a member of our team.

Hopefully we are guiding them through their first-time experiences or meetings, allowing them to develop thoughts and feelings that assist them in finding their place within their office, unit or within Student Affairs.

Through the Student Affairs Orientation, True Colors and Four C’s, all of our new family members will be bonding and discussing what they “bring to the table”. It is important to create an atmosphere where they can bring these conversations back to the office and share. Keep in mind that many new staff members feel a new sense of pride, purpose and excitement about learning and sharing.

The eagerness of new staff members can be a catalyst to excitement through the whole office and it’s something we should all use to our advantage!

Here are some ways to utilize the Four C’s with new staff members:

  • Take the time to introduce new co-workers to someone you know from another office next time you find yourselves at Starbucks or Chili’s Too. This is a great way to communicate and connect. It may even lead to collaboration!
  • Create new experiences for both of you. If you’ve never been to a volleyball game or seen the new Park West Athletic Complex, suggest going together to cheer on the Roadrunners!
  • Encourage any new staff member to write down the names of those they met in the trainings and what office each person works in. This “cheat sheet” of connections may come in handy down the road.
  • Communication, connecting, collaboration and creating can take place between offices, but let’s not forget how valuable they are within offices, too! It’s much easier to utilize the Four C’s with other areas when we do it in our own first!

Sara Gothelf
Athletics Academic Coordinator

Four C's Training

Four C’s Training Schedule for STAFF (SD 415) – FALL 2013
Training Schedule for FALL 2013 ----- see attached schedule

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