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September 2013, Issue 9

Thank You Rowdy visiting with Carlos Barrera

To: Carlos Barrera, University Center Events
From: Jessica Avalos-Alvarez & Cassandra Delgado, Orientation & Family Programs

It is with great pleasure and excitement to pass the Thank You Rowdy to you! As you know, we had many different requests for the University Center Staff during the summer for Family Orientation. Whether it was replacing the microphone batteries (or replacing the microphone in general), opening up a locked room, requesting extra chairs, or simply calling to ask how the lights in the Retama work; you were always willing to help us quickly and with a smile. I really appreciate all of the assistance you provided to our program during the summer and your ability to communicate and collaborate with our student staff. Thank you for all that you do for our university and for all of your hard work!

Thanks again!
Jessica Avalos-Alvarez and Cassandra Delgado

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