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October 2013, Issue 10

True Colors
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Reflecting on Our Excellence Model:
Communicate, Connect, Collaborate, Create

The charge we can agree on: keep the Four C’s alive in your work groups, departments, and teams. Success depends on our ability to keep the conversations going and remain on the same page. But it’s often difficult to find the time to keep the dialogue open. With that in mind, below are questions that you might remember from the initial training sessions. They can be used to start a brief conversation about the Four C’s. So, for today, it’s a set of guiding, reflective questions to get the discussions started in your area.

Take time in your next staff meeting or gathering to reflect on the “what, so what, and now what” of the division’s Excellence Model.


  • Share one thing you have learned about the Four C’s. What is most memorable to you?

So What

  • Why have an excellence model? What do you think it contributes to our work?

Now What

  • What is one question you still have about Excellence in Service and Programming?
  • Any other comments/suggestions.

Jan McKinney
Director, Communications

Four C's Training

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