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October 2013, Issue 10

True Colors

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True Colors from a Different Perspective

As I was co-facilitating a couple of staff True Colors© sessions in September, I received a refresher lesson on the expectations of all Student Affairs staff as it relates to True Colors. I want you to know that the True Colors facilitators learn something in every session we do!

While those of us who have been here awhile joke with each other about our colors brightening depending on the day, it’s important to remember to involve new staff in these conversations as well.

New staff breathe new life into our work and add to the diverse landscape that is the Division of Student Affairs. Introducing them to our professional development plans like True Colors and Four C’s reminds us why we embrace True Colors in Student Affairs and use it to create our common language.

During the remainder of both sessions, I found myself trying to see True Colors from the new employee perspective, which, quite frankly, taxed my least dominant color – blue! Most of the time, I find it easier to stay in my extroverted orange mode which can sometimes be the equivalent of a bulldozer when I’m around others who aren’t dominant orange. I am now recommitted to brightening the other colors in my spectrum and remaining focused on being more inclusive of our new staff. I hope this effort will help them assimilate into our departments quickly so they feel more comfortable bringing new ideas to the table – thereby breathing new life into Student Affairs and UTSA.

Renewal. Continual learning. Opportunity for growth. It’s great to work in Student Affairs.

Cindy Erb
Administrative Services Officer II
University Center

Has your color spectrum changed over the years? How?

Describe those changes to your colleagues. Remember True Colors is a tool to understanding others and ourselves. It is as a common language because we talk about it and use it to articulate our perspectives to each other. Keep it going.

True Colors Training

True Colors Training Schedule for STAFF (SD 410) ---- Fall 2013

  • Training Schedule for FALL 2013    COMPLETED
  • Training Schedule for SPRING 2014    PENDING

True Colors Training Schedule for Student Affairs STUDENT Employees (SD 417) -- Fall 2013

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