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October 2013, Issue 10

Planning and Assessment
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UTSA Listens Assessment

This semester, the UTSA Listens team set a goal of “closing the loop” and determining how to best use the data that was collected at the UTSA Listens booth from two large events in spring 2013. The team set out to identify clear themes from the data and let students know that their voices are being heard. Another goal was to ensure that the program has actually been accomplishing what it originally set out to, which was to give students an effective outlet to voice their concerns, compliments, challenges, and suggestions regarding anything related to UTSA and their college experience.

Nearly 450 surveys from the two events were entered into a spreadsheet and coded so that common themes could be identified. During this project, the team found that a number of issues students voiced concern about had already been addressed. For example, the tobacco ban has addressed the problem of second hand smoke in common areas on campus. Also, Blackboard has been replaced with a new system, LEARN, so students hopefully no longer have to deal with the technical difficulties they encountered in the past.

Some UTSA Listens highlighted quotes include:

  • "It’s awesome! UTSA has changed a lot – there’s more school spirit and I dig it, especially football!”
  • "Disability Services has been very helpful and the use of caption services has helped me with online success. It’s been a good experience and I met a lot of new friends.”
  • "I love UTSA! I was a CAP student and was supposed to transfer but loved it so I stayed.”
  • "School spirit has gone up. I see Dr. Romo all around campus and at various functions – it’s nice to see.”

Most common compliments cited:

  • Students like the Rec Center.
  • Students like football.
  • Students enjoy all of the on-campus events.
  • Students like the campus atmosphere.

Most common complaints cited:

  • Parking is difficult and expensive.
  • Too many smokers walking around.
  • Extend dining hours in Roadrunner Café and JPL Food Court.
  • Tuition is too high.
  • Students want Greek housing.
  • Air Rowdy disconnects.
  • Students want more computers on campus.

Through a number of meetings, it was determined that there needs to be a streamlined process moving forward in order to effectively collect and use the data. The UTSA Listens project is meant to build a culture of engagement and provide data that can be assessed. It was determined that it would be beneficial to display some of the student comments and how they have been addressed on the digital signage around campus.

We hope to continue this important effort, but we need your help! The UTSA Listens booth will be available at events this year so that students continue to know they have a voice and it is being heard. Please contact Nikki Lee to see how your department can be involved.

Thank you to Laura Gilliland, graduate intern for planning and assessment, for compiling this feature this month!

See you next month!

Kasey Neece-Fielder
Kasey Neece-Fielder
Director of Strategic Planning and Assessment
Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs