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October 2013, Issue 10

Thank You Rowdy visiting with Yvonne Gonzalez

To: Yvonne Gonzalez, Associate Director, University Career Center
From:   Carlos D. Barrera, Building Supervisor, University Center

It brings me great excitement to pass along ‘Thank You Rowdy‘ to you, Yvonne!

It has been a remarkable experience to know you as a colleague and friend. I commend you for your vigorous work ethic and patience, I know many times you have been very patient with our department while we work to setup your event while many other event setups are taking place at the same time. You have been such an easy and respectful individual to work with. I thank you for your character; individuals like you make UTSA a better place for staff and students to achieve personal and professional goals.

I could keep going on about how awesome you are but I have to go now because I have a set-up to supervise.

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