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October 2013, Issue 10


Serving Others while Celebrating

Save the Date – Thursday, November 14, 2013 at 8:15 am – Annual Staff Photograph

This year as we gather for a traditional holiday photo as a division our thoughts turn to those in need. The San Antonio Food Bank is hoping to collect 1 million pounds of food through their Food 4 SA program. When you arrive for the photograph, please consider bringing canned food items with you. We can have a tremendous impact on our community through our celebrations.

Interested in more community advocacy? Please contact Cristina Dominguez.

More about the San Antonio Food Bank:

The San Antonio Food Bank (SAFB) provides food and grocery products to more than 500 partner agencies in 16 counties throughout Southwest Texas. In FY2012, SAFB provided more than 48 million pounds of food. The mission of the SAFB is to fight hunger in Southwest Texas through food distribution, programs, education, and advocacy.

Random Acts of Appreciation Week - #UTSAppreciates

UTSA Begins with U Graphic

The Associate Vice Presidents Relay Notes of Appreciation

Random Acts of Appreciation Week is a celebration of our effort to thank, recognize, appreciate and motivate our fellow colleagues. Created by the Student Affairs Awards and Recognition Team, the week featured many ways for staff to show appreciation. From tips on recognition, to “Random Attacks of Appreciation” surprising staff across campus, to departmental encouragement through notes on display – it is an extremely positive contribution to organizational culture. Our Associate Vice Presidents wanted to relay to you their appreciation. Their messages are below.

Lisa Blazer, Associate VP Student Financial Aid and Enrollment Services

Hello Team,

I would like to take a moment to recognize all of you for your efforts in helping students succeed and being the last to serve. Serving people is a choice that all of us make as we work together in an ever-changing environment, and I believe each of you is an example of this.

As I have said before, whether we are helping seniors graduate, or we are assisting the new class with financial aid and registration, we have an awesome responsibility. Thank you for your teamwork, passion, and dedication that enable us to serve the students at UTSA and help them to reach their educational goals.

I appreciate you!

Joe DeCristoforo, Associate VP and University Registrar

Hello everyone,

Following in the spirit of Random Acts of Appreciation Week, I want to thank you all for all of the hard work you do for our students, faculty and staff that are part of our UTSA community. Each student or staff member or faculty that you help on a daily basis shows your dedication to our office and to our campus environment.

So many times in my career here at UTSA I have stated that our office is the best office I have ever worked with in a career that spans more than thirty years, seven institutions, and five states. It truly is an honor and a privilege working with you and I look forward to several more years in this partnership.

Please take care….

Sam Gonzales, Associate VP for Administration and Student Services


It is hard to summarize the thoughts of appreciation for my staff in Administration and Student Services in a couple of sentences. I value each and every person. I am thankful that you have joined our team. I know that each of you has a special contribution to the success of our students. We coach, counsel, guide, lead, teach and mentor. We do it well. For that, I am very grateful.

I also want to say that I am continually amazed at your ability to handle tough situations with professionalism and compassion. Student Services is focused on students’ health, wellness and access to education. It can be very complex and difficult work, but I never see the strain on the faces of the staff. I am proud of your ability to persevere. Thank you for all you do.

Best Wishes,

Lynn Hickey, Associate VP and Director for Intercollegiate Athletics

Dear Student Affairs,

We are very proud to be a part of such a great University that is dynamic and truly on the brink of greatness. Even more important our Department has found being a part of Student Affairs has been of immense help and support to our vision plan. It is an honor to communicate, collaborate, connect, and create with our peers in Student Affairs on a daily basis.

I am truly blessed with a great staff to work with in Athletics. If anyone should display an “Attitude of Gratitude” it should be me. Our coaches, administrative staff, and student-athletes have reached goals the past three years that have exceeded all expectations. With the addition of football and the changing of conferences - - not once but twice - - this group has helped change the face of UTSA and has vastly improved our visibility on a local, state, and national level. Our staff and students have bought into our vision and represent us so well on all fronts. They are loyal, disciplined, and hard working - they are great Roadrunners!

As the Athletic Department, we are so proud to represent UTSA and we are working hard to create a center of excellence on this campus. I would put our staff up as the best DI FBS staff in the country - - our staff and students have done more with less than any athletic staff I know of - - and they have done it with a spirit of pride and joy. Our staff is building a legacy that will never be forgotten and I am so proud to be a part of their team.

Go Runners!

George Norton, Associate VP for Undergraduate Admissions, Orientation and Family Programs

For Admissions:

Wow, you all are incredible! Over the past three years you’ve overseen the continuing transformation of the office to one that really targets the well-prepared prospective student. This means each part of the office has had to change how it does its work, and evolve. Not an easy challenge, but you all are continually moving us in the right direction. In two or three years we are going to look back on this time and see just how much was accomplished. But, let’s not wait two or three years to recognize! We have a lot to recognize right now.

For Orientation:

You all are purely relentless! You are virtually re-inventing your programs to align with the changing needs of the higher caliber students we are now enrolling, the changing needs of the family members, and a university that is undergoing major organizational re-structuring. In this process so very many challenges have been, and are continuing to be, thrown in front of you. But you have persevered and displayed the highest integrity in working with a huge number of constituents, despite that they sometimes have competing goals for what is to be accomplished by way of your programs. I cannot wait to see the results play out!

For Recruitment Information Systems:

In looking at the whole of UTSA and, in particular, the focal areas of Admissions and Orientation that you support, there is change absolutely everywhere! The university and these offices absolutely rely on you all to figure it out and make it work. I am continually amazed at how that happens. The things you facilitate by way of your work already do, and will continue to, make a huge difference for students at UTSA and for the University itself as is strives to improve on all it does. Next big step, Ellucian Recruiter implementation. I cannot wait to see the benefits that will bring!

Thanks for all you do,

Kevin Price, Associate VP for Student Life and Dean of Students

Dear Student Life Staff,

As Random Acts of Appreciation Week draws to a close, I want to express my deep appreciation for the commitment and dedication each of you bring to your positions.

While every department in Student Life is distinct, each of you contribute significantly to our mission of offering “services and facilitate[ing] experiences that provide all of our students with a sense of place and belonging while preparing them to be responsible, engaged citizens in a rapidly changing global environment.” At UTSA, we are proud of our vibrant, diverse, and inclusive campus and each of you play an integral role in our community’s success.

Thanks again for all that you do.