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October 2013, Issue 10

Business Tips
The Business Tips section is changing to include more topics and staff inquiries. Until the change is complete, tips from the archives have been included below. See you soon with a brand new look!

Contract Routing Cover Sheet

When completing the Student Affairs Contract Routing Cover Sheet, if you are making any type of payment to the provider, please select the ‘yes’ box for sponsorship fee. The sponsorship fee is what it costs your department to sponsor the provider to come to UTSA to perform the service.

Contract Tips

  • Departments referring to the Supplier Mall for the Preferred Suppliers list:
      • Catering, Charter Buses, Hotels, Moving Services, Scientific Supplies, Stationery, Printing/Copying, Technology, Travel Agencies, and Car Rental, etc.
      • Hotels on preferred suppliers list already have a negotiated agreement format for Departments looking to hold an event and conferences in San Antonio.
  • Links on Business Contracts template pages to direct Departments to the Preferred Suppliers list for Hotels and Travel Services for their participants, speakers, and/or evaluators.
  • Template based agreements (Services Agreement, Participant/Speaker/Evaluator) required for Non-US individuals regardless if services being performed in US or not.
  • When to use certain template agreements:
    • Participant/Speaker/Evaluator:
      •   Limited length of engagement (week or less)
      •   Minimal services being provided with basic deliverables
      •   Services Fee is flat rate with one-time travel expenses
    • Services Agreement:
      •   Greater length of engagement (weeks, months, or years)
      •   Complex, detailed services being provided with specific, multiple deliverables
      •   Services Fee paid out over time based on work performed with recurring travel expenses

Bob Miller
Bob Miller
Associate Director of Student Affairs Budget
Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs