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February 2014, Issue 2

Message from VPSA

Sam Gonzales

The semester is going by quickly for me. Do you agree? Our programs and services are constantly evolving and we are consistently adapting to the needs of our students. Whether it is through attending a REACH class or through the coaching of your supervisor, learning is constant. The same is true for students which is why we are focusing our efforts on learning and success.

At a recent Student Affairs Council meeting, I updated staff on the current landscape of the division. I am sharing some of that information with you here in an effort to keep us on the same page. Take the next step and review these items more thoroughly as a department. Members of the Student Affairs Council in your area can be your guide. Please send us an email and we will be glad to send your department more information and numbers to aid the discussion.

These are exciting times full of changes and challenges. As a division, the enrollment of our students is at the forefront of the dialogue. We are focused on the recruitment of the newest Roadrunners. What happens now will set the stage for the university in the years to come. It is indeed a culture shift toward a new student population. With that, comes a great deal of collaboration with areas outside of Student Affairs. Because of our hard work with the Four C’s, I am confident in our abilities to be superior partners inside and outside of the division.

We have created merit scholarships known as the Distinguished Presidential Scholarships for some of our top students and transformed our awarding philosophy. All of these efforts are positioning UTSA for its next step toward Tier One.

I am considering options for the organization of Student Services. One change already implemented is the organizational realignment of the Child Development Center under Lisa Blazer in Financial Aid and Enrollment Services. We will let you know when and if additional changes are made. We must continue to have creative and strategic responses to where UTSA is headed as an institution.

With all those changes and improvements, your call to action relates to adaptability. I need you to remain strategic and intentional in focusing on your departments' plans. I also need you to think about how you can contribute positively to our recruitment efforts. I suggest you consult with Admissions on ways to help. We have a great staff that is very creative and flexible. We have excellent resources. We can meet all the challenges that come our way.

We can make it happen.

Best wishes,

We Are UTSA! We Are Student Affairs!