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August 2016, Issue 8

Four C's Reach
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R E A C H-ing Out and C-ing the Future

The fall 2016 semester is about to begin with a new group of roadrunners as well as returning students. So I ask, when was the last time you looked at your notebook from the Four C’s and REACH training? Do you remember the discussion about your contribution as a staff member and educator? It begins:

“As a result of _______________________, students will [learn] _________________, as demonstrated by ____________________________.”

The examples provided during training state:

  • “As a result of the online module that I designed, students will be able to compare and contrast scholarships, loans, and grants.”
  • “As a result of completing orientation, student will be able to define two campus offices that can provide academic support.”

Maybe you remember the discussion at your table. Either way here’s the big question: what is it that you have done or been a part of that will impact students this upcoming semester and beyond? Remember, as an employee and educator at UTSA, everything you do directly or indirectly touches our students in some way. Every day is a new opportunity to share your knowledge or experience allowing our students to think critically, have that “ah-ha” moment and know that members of the UTSA community are here to support them and their well-being.

Each time we engage with a student, we help them mature just a little bit more, so by their graduation they have developed in all of the areas of REACH and WE are C-ing the future.

Submitted by —
Donna Edmonson
Academic Affairs Ombudsperson, Lecturer I
Office of the Senior Vice Provost for Academic and Faculty Support

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