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April 2014, Issue 4

True Colors
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Awakening the C’s

Did you know that the first Four C’s classes were offered at UTSA in early 2010? It has been four years since some of the staff has been through the class. You have learned a lot between then and now.

Think about your department. How many people learned the C’s in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, or 2014? I refer to that as your department’s Four C’s timeline (unlike the Facebook reference). That timeline will determine the work that is required in your area to “keep the C’s alive.”

The greater the time lapse, the greater the effect can be, but in two very different ways:

  1. You feel distant from the purpose of the model and therefore use it less
  2. You feel increasingly comfortable with integrating these expectations into your daily work: it has become second nature.

It is an interesting dichotomy. Which end of the spectrum do you think most represents you?

Take a moment to discuss your timeline of Four C session attendance as a department and how it affects use of the model. How will you keep the C’s alive? Or maybe, it is so second nature that you forget it’s there. Success in integration is an amazing feat. Congratulations! However, it doesn’t help coach your newest staff members and encourage continuity.

  • Some things are better when they are noticed.
  • Some things need to be standing items on our agendas.
  • Some things are better when discussed in person.

For you, is our Four C model one of those things?

Jan McKinney
Director of Communications
Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs

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