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November 2015, Issue 11

Four C's Reach
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Honorary Four C’s for the Holidays

Cheer, Cookies, Community, Celebration

As we get close to the holiday season and the winter break, the Four C’s can really go much further than our offices. The spirit of the various winter holidays can help you in connecting with old or distant friends. It’s easy to think of others during this time, and reaching out is also a great way to let others know that you are thinking of them and appreciate them.

During this time of year, communicating can mean so much more than any other time. Powerful nonverbal communication can take the shape of wrapping a gift or creating a card. Warm wishes on social media, through texts or phone calls can also go a long way. A Starbucks gift card never hurt anyone .

Collaborating with the city of San Antonio is also helpful, as many shelters look for donations of food, clothing and blankets this time of year. Donations are an easy way to connect with those in our city and build relationships that last.

Submitted by —
Sara Gothelf
Athletics Academic Coordinator

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