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April 2016, Issue 4

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Collaboration Success Factors

It’s much easier to make a list of all the collaborators we have than the actual collaborations with which we are involved. Collaboration is one of the Four C's we have learned and maybe it wouldn’t hurt to spend some extra time on it!

Collaboration initiatives come from different departments with different budgets. We may have different cultures, approaches, goals, and measures of success. So if there is so much variety, how do we know what makes organizations successful?

Here are the 12 common habits or success factors for collaborative organizations.

12 principles of collaboration infographic

Key Strategies

  • Listen to ideas, needs and suggestions and integrate their feedback in your technology and strategy.
  • Collaboration should never be seen as an additional task or requirement for employees. Instead, collaboration should fit naturally into their flow of work.
  • It’s important to remember that collaboration is perpetual. It’s a never ending evolution as new tools and strategies continue to emerge.
  • There is nothing wrong with rewarding employees for great performance but it’s also crucial to reward teamwork.

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Sara Gothelf
Athletics Academic Coordinator,


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