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November 2016, Issue 11

Four C's Reach
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Excellence in Service and Programming Guide

How well are you exemplifying the Four C’s in your area? Many of us forget the usefulness of the Four C’s as we leave training and become immersed in our jobs. Reflect for a moment on how you have utilized the Four C’s in the past two weeks. What examples can you provide of how you have effectively used connect, collaborate, create, and communicate? Use the following Excellence in Service and Programming Guide to help you determine the areas in which you excel along with the areas where you can grow:

Communicate: achieve excellence in service and programming, Student Affairs professionals must effectively communicate by:

  • providing clear, concise, knowledgeable, accurate and timely information
  • using multiple means of communication;
  • identifying and anticipating needs;
  • serving as advocates;
  • suspending assumptions;
  • listening to understand;
  • understanding and respecting diverse perspectives;
  • interacting in a professional and courteous manner;
  • being accountable for our own actions.

Connect: achieve excellence in services and programming, Student Affairs professionals must connect by:

  • making every interaction positive and memorable;
  • realizing every moment provides an opportunity to make a positive and lasting impact;
  • engaging the community in the process;
  • providing individualized attention;
  • building relationships and community;
  • recognizing the dignity and worth of the individual;
  • showing appreciation;
  • providing a nurturing and safe environment;
  • recognizing and honoring commonalities and differences.

Collaborate: achieve excellence in services and programming, Students Affairs professionals must collaborate by:

  • effectively utilizing resources;
  • cooperatively working with others;
  • building and maintaining lasting relationships and community;
  • being open to change and diverse ideas;
  • practicing mutual respect;
  • creating synergy across the division and the university;
  • balancing service with operating procedures and policies;
  • learning to appreciate the duties and responsibilities of others.

Create: achieve excellence in services and programming, Student Affairs professionals must create unique and innovative experiences by:

  • recruiting individuals who are passionate about student success;
  • taking risks;
  • working to reduce obstacles;
  • building stability through our daily actions;
  • researching new trends;
  • fostering creative, safe and welcoming opportunities;
  • assessing and analyzing results;
  • encouraging input across the division;
  • challenging the status quo.

One of the main things we should always keep in mind is who we are serving at UTSA which varies from coworkers, supervisors, other departments, students, and the community. Implementing and cultivating the Four C’s in your everyday work is essential for the mission of Student Affairs and to meet the needs of the people you serve every day.

Submitted by —
Sarah Webb
Associate Director, One Stop Enrollment Center

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