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January 2015, Issue 1

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Social Media and the 4 C's

“It’s time to step up to the mic.” In 2015 this might be better stated, “It’s time to promote your digital identity.” The flip phone is dead and social media is exploding with new ways to stay connected. UTSA has joined the conversation and is coming together in a coordinated effort to connect with our students on social media.

On January 15, Eric Stoller visited UTSA to discuss social media and digital identity. Eric gave us some great insights and ideas that align perfectly with Student Affairs' commitment to the 4 C’s:

  • Create social media content that is clever and unique while remembering that your posts are attached to your name and identify. What we do online has the potential to be as important as what we do in our brick-and-mortar spaces.
  • Collaborate with UTSA departments by following them and sharing their content. Make social media a part of your workflow, like you do with your email.
  • Communicate using a messaging strategy and guidelines that are discussed and agreed upon in your department. You are an ambassador of your department and the UTSA brand. We are teaching and role modeling digital identity to students.
  • Connect with students by engaging them: respond, like, and comment on their posts. After all, it’s social media, not promotional media.

For more social media wisdom follow @ericstoller on Twitter or search #SocMedTX.

Submitted by —
Melissa Hernandez
Associate Director,
Counseling Services

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