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April 2017, Issue 4

Four C's Reach
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Are You Exceeding Expectations?

The Education Team trains on the importance of staff viewing themselves as educators of the students we serve (R E A C H) and how to strive for excellence in the programs and services UTSA offers (Four C's).

With annual evaluations over and the end of term nearing, this is the perfect time to assess whether or not you are exceeding expectations in your role. How are you contributing to the success of our students, Student Affairs and UTSA?

Make a list of items/functions you can improve upon whether you work in customer service, processing, or if you interact solely with other staff members and faculty. Continued growth is extremely important for a thriving institution and we must strive for excellence in all that we do.

Submitted by —
Sarah Webb
Associate Director,
One Stop Enrollment Center

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