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July 2016, Issue 7

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Train Like an Athlete

The Olympics are scheduled to start in the next few weeks in Rio de Janeiro (Go USA!). Each athlete has trained for years to perfect their craft in order to achieve their goal of competing in their specific field. Like training for the Olympics, we as Student Affairs professionals must train to be the best in our area of expertise.

The REACH domains allow each of us to set goals and outcomes for student success through the programs and services we offer. If we are truly striving to be the best in our field and for our students, it’s essential to determine how you help students achieve responsibility, engaged citizenship, active leadership, critical thinking, and a healthy & balanced life.

The Four C’s gives us a training manual on how to achieve the gold medal in teamwork through communication, connection, collaboration and creativity. As you sharpen your skills as a Student Affairs professional, you will demonstrate pride and UTSA spirit through your hard work and actions.

Submitted by —
Sarah Webb
Senior Training Specialist,
One Stop Enrollment Center

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