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April 2017, Issue 4

True Colors
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True Colors: Work and Home

Is your True Colors spectrum at work different from your True Colors spectrum at home? Are you a Blue in a Gold job? Are you a Green who reports to an Orange? Many of us encounter opportunities like this on a daily basis. The colorful chart below offers a fun comparison between our personal and at-work styles. These are win-win opportunities to learn about others and to learn about ourselves as well. Even if your True Colors spectrum doesn’t vary between home and work (or other venues), we have countless interactions with others who have different True Colors spectrums from our own.

It is important to consider how we apply our True Colors strengths and styles in each situation, and how our True Colors characteristics between situations can overlap based on your color spectrum. We strive to carefully balance how we respond to the needs of our students, our alumni, our colleagues across campus. In doing so, it is helpful to recognize and acknowledge similarities and differences so we can create positive interactions. Our True Colors spectrum affects how we respond and interact with others…and how we lead, how we manage and how we function as employees.

Personal Strengths Leadership Style Management Style Employee Style
Orange skillfulness troubleshooter action-oriented active
Blue authenticity catalyst people-oriented relationship-oriented
Gold duty stabilizer organization-oriented structured
Green knowledge visionary topic-oriented intellectual

Adapted from Keys To Successful Business Leadership ©True Colors International

Look for ways to blend your True Colors strengths and styles in each situation you encounter at home and at work. Even if your ‘home’ spectrum is different from your ‘work’ spectrum, you’ll see overlapping similarities which can help interactions anywhere.

Submitted by -
Bob Miller
Associate Director
Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs


Harmony in the Workplace!

Why do we need all four colors in the workplace? Harmony! Each dominant color type brings natural gifts and talents to the job.

  • The GREEN employee provides vision to keep us moving forward.
  • The BLUE employee encourages us to do the best that we can, providing support during difficult tasks.
  • Our GOLD colleagues are the members of our team that keep us focused and on track. We count on them for details.
  • Finally, our ORANGE staff reminds us that life, including work is fun!

We look to them to provide the lighter side of a task. Being aware and knowing the role of each color when you’re trying to figure out what’s next will eliminate much of the stress on the job. So remember, each color comes to the table with unique strengths and abilities that continuously push us in a positive direction.

Submitted by -
Donna Edmondson
Academic Affairs Ombudsperson
Lecturer I, Office of the Senior Vice Provost for Academic and Faculty Support

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