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January 2017, Issue 1

True Colors
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Full Color Communications

One of the items on the recent One Stop Enrollment Center staff retreat agenda was learning how to improve your communication based on your dominant color. While we all like to learn about ourselves and our color spectrum, we also need to be cognizant of the people around us and how we communicate with them.

Our office learned more about each other and how we can work together effectively to help our students and parents at UTSA. True Colors is a great tool to learn more about the people you work with and how to accomplish tasks effectively based on their color spectrum.

I would encourage you to review the attributes of each color and think about how you can relate to others who have a different dominant color. If you do your homework ahead of time, this will allow you to be intentional with your conversations and interactions with others at work and will make your job much easier.

Submitted by -
Sarah Webb
Associate Director
One Stop Enrollment Center

True Colors Training

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