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February 2015, Issue 2

True Colors
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The Student Affairs Conference and True Colors:
"Grow More to Give More"

On March 6, 2015, The University of Texas at San Antonio’s Division of Student Affairs will host their 7th Annual Student Affairs Conference. The annual conference provides invaluable professional development opportunities for all UTSA Student Affairs staff, as well as faculty and staff throughout UTSA, and other local institutions.

This year’s conference boasts over 20 different sessions, ample networking opportunities, a Texas-born keynote speaker, and other boundless professional development opportunities. Therefore, many different facets of this conference are sure to peak your primary “True Colors” interest.

Take a sneak peak at a few conference session descriptions below, which may appeal to your inner Blue, Gold, Green, or Orange.

If you have not signed up to attend the conference, visit the conference website for additional information regarding conference registration instructions.

Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks!

Blue: How intelligent are your emotions?

Justin Bingham (Student Financial Aid & Enrollment Services, The University of Texas at San Antonio)

Emotional Intelligence is something that we use every day whether we realize it or not. In our lives, both private and professional, we are faced with challenges that make us choose, sometimes, in a matter of seconds, how we will react. How are we perceived? How do we perceive others when they react? Learning to recognize and ultimately control your emotions in situations, both positive and negative, will ultimately shape you into a better employee, a stronger leader, and a more balanced person.

Gold: Goal setting and achievement

Beverly Woodson Day (Admissions, The University of Texas at San Antonio), Tracy Day

This workshop will help participants build a balanced life and achieve the goals they set for themselves. This session will explain the necessity of having an organized goals program and the benefits of consistently achieving goals. Zig Ziglar’s proven seven-step process is introduced and an accountability system is offered to help the participants take what they have learned and implement it on a daily basis.This will not only help you identify and build on your personal strengths, but it will help build a better you. There are three foundation stones: honesty, integrity and character, which will be explored and how they relate to your personal success. Your attitude is of utmost importance to your personal well-being and these tried-and-true methods are taught so that the participant will leave with the knowledge of how to make any day – no matter the circumstances – a great day and how to live that balanced life and achieve their goals.

Green: First ask "why?"

Victoria Lopez-Herrera (Campus Recreation, The University of Texas at San Antonio)
Eliot Howard (Student Leadership Center, The University of Texas at San Antonio)

We are always developing new programs or processes. However; how often do we stop and ask “Why are we doing this?” Can you articulate how your programs, services and processes align with your departmental/divisional priorities and contribute to student development? During this session we will share a framework to assist with your planning and ensure future initiatives are congruent with your mission, vision and goals.

Orange: Cows taught me everything I ever needed to know about management...and that's no bull.

Jamie Trevino (Recruitment/Student Information Systems, The University of Texas at San Antonio)

This session is a light hearted approach to lessons learned from raising cattle and how they apply to management in a professional environment. Participants will leave with a smile on their faces and a few tips on how to handle their 'herds'.

Submitted by,

Jessica Avalos-Alvarez
Assistant Director,
Orientation and Family Programs

Has your color spectrum changed over the years? How?

Describe those changes to your colleagues. Remember True Colors is a tool to understanding others and ourselves. It is a common language because we talk about it and use it to articulate our perspectives to each other. Keep it going.

True Colors Training

Training Schedule for Student Affairs STAFF (SD 410) — Spring 2015  (Download PDF)

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