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November 2015, Issue 11

Planning and Assessment
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Since Lisa Blazer’s announcement -- at the October 8 Student Affairs Council -- of my new role in Student Affairs Planning and Assessment, I have been busy setting out to learn my new role and the tools available to help get the job done.

Soon I will be making appointments with the key people in each area to start moving forward. I think Kasey Neece-Fielder did a great job in that role and my intentions are to follow a similar pattern and look for opportunities to add some new wrinkles.

One wrinkle will be to collect and report concrete evidence of the contribution that Student Affairs departments make to improved student engagement and student success rates. I hope you will each be thinking about that with regard to your department and I look forward to hearing what ideas you have.

I still have so much to learn that you quite possibly have questions to which I don’t yet know the answers. Even so, email me or call with any questions to help me start learning!

See you next month!
George Norton