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January 2016, Issue 1

Planning and Assessment
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Since Lisa Blazer’s announcement of my new role in Student Affairs Planning and Assessment mid-semester, I have been busy setting out to learn my new role and the tools available to help get the job done. While life has slowed me down lately, I am continuing that learning process from home. I have medical procedures scheduled and anticipate being back in the swing of things really soon. I believe there is an assessment lesson in all of this. We must constantly benchmark, assess and reflect along our journey regardless of the roadblocks that appear in the way. I have learned to assess our service providers and focus on the quality of services. I know the same is true for our efforts with students.

Upon my return to campus, I will be making appointments with the key people in each area to start moving forward. One of my priorities includes collecting evidence of the contribution that Student Affairs departments make to improved student engagement and student success rates. I hope you will each be thinking about that with regard to your department and I look forward to hearing your ideas.

I still have so much to learn that you quite possibly have questions to which I don’t yet know the answers. We will continue the journey together. Even so, email me so that I can help with any of your questions!

See you next month!
George Norton