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June 2015, Issue 6

Message from VPSA

Sam Gonzales

We Excel in Student Experience

I just returned from the NASPA Region III Summer Symposium in Georgia. It was a great chance to network with colleagues and make connections. The highlight was witnessing Dr. Romo receive the President’s Award from NASPA Region III for his outstanding contributions to Student Affairs and the student experience at UTSA. We are so fortunate to have university leadership that places such a high value on the student experience in academics, campus life and services. His receipt of this award means our work is valued and that is a great feeling.

Student Affairs is an important part of the college-going experience and our profession is constantly evolving. We are responding to new challenges and must be intentional and transform our services accordingly. That means change is constant.

You may have noticed that some of our offices are changing locations. Undergraduate Admissions and the Registrar’s Office are switching places. Our Scholarship office moved to the Bauerle Garage area near the Welcome Center. All of these changes help us streamline the services we offer students. I am grateful for the creativity and patience of the staff during the change process. We continue to improve because of your effort. I cannot wait to visit you in your new locations once the moves are completed.

Another evolution is the development of our bystander intervention program. In response to a UT System initiative, professionals from all over campus are gathering to create dynamic programming and training to reinforce our dedication to a positive campus atmosphere and an empowered community. I am appreciative of the dedication and collaboration exhibited by the staff involved.

Change is inevitable, constant and sometimes difficult, but our students are worth it….every time.

Best wishes,

We Are UTSA! We Are Student Affairs!