Snapshots Announcements Spotlight UTSA Athletics

January 2016, Issue 1

Message from VPSA

Sam Gonzales

We're All Recruiters!

Birds Up, Roadrunners! This phrase is motivating all by itself. I think about it as a way to say “hey there”, “let’s get going” and “look alive” all in the same phrase. I share that with you, because that is exactly how this spring semester has begun, a burst of energy coupled with great strides and changes. Through it all, we are so glad to welcome all of the students back for an incredible beginning to 2016.

It has been busy on campus with the recent selection of our new head football coach, Frank Wilson. On Friday, January 15, 2016, we announced the news during an on-campus press conference and off-campus social gathering. You can watch the full press conference here. I am so excited about the future of Roadrunner football.

During the announcement, Coach Wilson shared his philosophy about recruiting and talked about his vision for UTSA. For him, recruiting requires “all hands on deck,” meaning that everyone is a recruiter.

It’s like he read my mind. “Everyone is a recruiter.”

This philosophy goes well beyond the playing field and includes admitting future Roadrunners, searching for talented faculty and staff, and our students’ career opportunities.

We all have a role in continuing excellence at UTSA, and there are many ways to get engaged and assist.

  • Share feedback with us as we seek continual improvement. ( Share your big ideas for our next steps as an organization.
  • Let us know how other staff can assist your department or area. Let’s help each other do big things.
  • Tell everyone you know that we are a world-ranked institution.
  • Promote UTSA to people considering higher education. Tell them how great it is to be a Roadrunner.
  • Connect with the spirit of UTSA by attending an athletic event and join our students at a campus event.
  • Suggest to businesses that they recruit Roadrunners and put them in touch with the Career Center.

Now is the time to think big about where UTSA is headed. We need to do it together. I look forward to a great spring semester and 2016.

Best wishes,

We Are UTSA! We Are Student Affairs!