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January 2017, Issue 1

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Office of the Registrar Hosts Australian College of Kuwait

The Office of the Registrar recently hosted Christine Picone, Registrar, and Dr. Ayad Salhieh with the Australian College of Kuwait. Ms. Picone and Dr. Salhieh had attended a conference in San Antonio and requested a visit to learn about UTSA's processes for graduation, at-risk students and their academic standing, printing transcripts, and automation of admissions processes.

The day began with a meet-and-greet followed by several presentations:

  • Graduation Processing – Alejandra Perez, Supervisor, Records Processing, Office of the Registrar
  • Transcript Processing – Daniel Garcia, Associate Director of Registration and Records, Office of the Registrar and Alejandra Perez
  • Co-Curricular Transcripts – Jessica Dawson, Program Manager, Inclusion and Community Engagement Center
  • Admissions Processing – Crystal Harris-Harlaux, Associate Director, Undergraduate Admissions
  • At-Risk Students and Academic Advising – Amanda Garcia, Program Coordinator, Advising-Undergraduate Studies Support and Technology Services
  • Morning presentations were followed by lunch at the Roadrunner Café and a walking tour of the UTSA Main campus.

    Ms. Picone and Dr. Salhieh were impressed with the UTSA community and processes, as reflected in Ms. Picone’s follow up email to Dr. Joe DeCristoforo:

    Dear Joe,
    I am writing to sincerely thank you for so generously taking the time to meet with Dr Ayad and myself during our recent visit to UTSA.

    May I also ask you to please pass on our sincere thanks to Daniel Garcia, Alex Perez, Jessica Dawson, Crystal Harris-Harlaux, and Amanda Garcia for providing us with an insight into the various UTSA processes and procedures associated with the administration of students from admission to graduation. The Australian College of Kuwait is still relatively young, having commenced in 2004, and therefore it was a tremendously valuable experience for us to learn from your experience.

    Thank you again for your time during our recent visit and if ever you plan to visit Kuwait, please let us know so we can repay your kind hospitality.

    Kind regards,

    It was a pleasure hosting Ms. Picone and Dr. Salhieh, who took time out of their hectic schedules on their way to Stanford University, to visit UTSA and learn about our various student processes.

    Submitted by —
    Joe DeCristoforo, Ph.D.
    Associate Vice President,
    Office of the Registrar

Roadrunner Bliss: Both Are Staff and Alums!

Kidd Zanella wedding

Congratulations to Michele Kidd and Gianluca Zanella, who were married on September 24, 2016. Both are graduates of UTSA and both are employed at UTSA.

Gianluca works in Research as a Research Scientist IV for the Center for Innovation, Technology, and Entrepreneurship. Michele was the Business Operations Manager for the Laboratory Animal Resource Center until May 2016, when she moved to the positions of Business Manager in Housing and Residence Life.

Submitted by —
Michele Kidd
Business Manager
Housing and Residence Life

Congratulations to the New Doctor!

Ginnifer Gee at commencement

Congratulations to Ginnifer (Cié) Gee on her recent graduation with a Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies!

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VPSA Media Team

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