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January 2016, Issue 1

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Zenia Trevino Retires After 29 Years of Service!

Zenia Trevino

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions is happy and sad to announce the retirement of our Administrative Services Officer III Zenia Trevino. After serving twenty-nine years at UTSA, her last day of work will be January 29, 2016. Zenia has been an integral part of the University over the years and her contributions to the Admissions team will always be valued and remembered. Her hard work, commitment, and cheerful, friendly attitude will be greatly missed.

On behalf of every one in UTSA Student Affairs and Enrollment Services, we would like to say thank you Zenia for your dedicated service to the staff and students of UTSA. Best of luck in retirement!

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The Enrollment Services Team

UTSA Downtown Campus Wins Holiday Lights Contest

Nik holding multi-media Roadrunner mounted on black board Nik holding multi-media Roadrunner mounted on black board Nik holding multi-media Roadrunner mounted on black board UTSA Legacy of Leadership display board

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The UTSA Downtown Campus won Mayor Ivy Taylor’s Light Up Downtown San Antonio People’s Choice Award for Best Use of Space for the second year in a row!

A TV segment about our downtown campus lighting entry featured Bianca Garcia. She graduated from UTSA in December with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and was employed by Campus Rec as the Downtown Campus Student Coordinator. She was one of the students who assisted with putting up the lights for the past two years. Bianca and her father made the downtown Campus Rec wooden letters that can been seen lighting up the Durango Building 3rd Floor Terrace.

A special thank you to the following Downtown Campus students without whom this award would not have been possible: Isaias Garcia, Debbie Garcia and Taylee Lawson.

You can also read the full article on the Downtown Campus News website and see photos taken by K.C. Gonzalez on the Downtown Campus Facebooks page.

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Michelle Rocha
Assistant Director,
Student Activities

Orientation and Family Programs Proud of New Look

UTSA Legacy of Leadership display board Nik holding multi-media Roadrunner mounted on black board

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The front office of Orientation and Family Programs went through a facelift over the holiday season. Orientation’s very own Student Coordinator, Nikolas Goff, created a handmade Roadrunner art piece to be hung in the lobby. He surprised the ladies of Orientation and Family Programs and presented it as a gift prior to leaving for the holiday vacation. The Roadrunner took Nikolas all semester to complete as it is an intricate work of nail, woods and string. In addition to the new art piece is the new and updated display board which sits right outside the front doors. This display board which is now titled “UTSA Legacy of Leadership” showcases notable winners of the past year such as the Family of the Year, Orientation Leader of the Year, Mr. and Mrs. Roadrunner Camp and many more. If you are in the Multidisciplinary Studies Building, stop by and see some of our new additions!

Submitted by —
Cassie Delgado
Program Coordinator,
Family Programs

Child Development Center Collaborates with COEHD

The UTSA Child Development Center began a new collaborative project this spring between the Child Development Center and the College of Education and Human Development. During the fall semester, Mari R. Cortez, Ph.D., Chair in the Department of Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching and Professor of Early Childhood Education met with Earlene Gonzales, Director of the Child Development Center, to discuss how a collaborative project could help the CDC in its efforts this spring on working toward NAEYC re-accreditation in October 2016.

The curriculum and instruction in the CDC has been an important resource for the early learning community of UTSA students in the COEHD, as well as a critical component of the high quality environment for young infants, toddlers, and preschool-age children at the University. A decision was made to improve our collaborative work by assigning a liaison from COEHD to the center.

Beginning last week, Ann Coldwater, Lecturer II, ILT, has begun a series of meetings and mentoring within the Child Development Center to promote connections between the center teaching staff and ILT courses in early education and learning.

We are all excited about this new connection and leadership opportunities for students that will develop as the semester continues.

Submitted by —
Earlene Gonzales
UTSA Child Development Center

Staff Train for "Bringing in the Bystander" Initiative

As part of the UTSA Bystander Initiative, the working committee adopted a curriculum called “Bringing in the Bystander” a prevention workshop for establishing a community of responsibility. Melissa Hernandez, Christa Winkler, Jenica Santos and Cody Broughton attended facilitator training in Winter Park, Florida during late October. They returned with a deeper understanding of bystander intervention.

The committee then decided to have nominations for peer facilitators to spread this curriculum throughout the UTSA student body to not only educate students but faculty as well. Drew Dylla, Jonathan Moreno, Ethel Magana, Bianca Ramirez and Celia Garcia presented the Beaks Up Speak Up Initiative on January 8th at the pilot programs for residence assistants, and Campus Recreation staff.

A big thank you to all who have contributed their time to building this important program! Keep an eye out for the many upcoming opportunities to learn more about Bystander Intervention.

Submitted by —
Jenica N. Santos
Graduate Assistant,
Student Activities

Roadrunners Volunteer with Residents of Down Home Ranch

Down Home Ranch and UTSA Alternative winter break 2016

The week before UTSA classes started for the spring semester, a group of 10 students and 2 advisors traveled to Elgin, Texas, to volunteer with Down Home Ranch (DHR), a working farm and ranch where ranchers with Down Syndrome and other disabilities live in a community. DHR gives its residents a chance to grow, learn, and live in such a way that provides opportunities for self-reliance and independent personal development.

During their week of service, UTSA students and staff helped Down Home Ranch by clearing land that will house future residents.

The trip was sponsored by the Student Center for Community Engagement and Inclusion and the Volunteer Organization Involving Community Education and Service (VOICES).

You can check out our photo album of the experience, learn more about Down Home Ranch, and read the full story on RowdyLink.

To learn more about Alternative Breaks or how to get involved in the San Antonio community, please contact Volunteer Services.

Submitted by —
Miguel Sosa
Graduate Assistant,
Student Center for Community Engagement and Inclusion

Cié Gee Recognized for Presentation Skills

The translation for what the letters "Cie" spells is "The Best of the Best!"... according to AACRAO (American Association of Collegiate Registrar's and Admissions Officers). UTSA's own Cié Gee, Director of Registration and Records in the Registrar's Office, was selected as one of 3 top presenters across the country and invited by AACRAO to give her presentation at their annual conference in Phoenix, Arizona this March. The Best of the Best Program allows AACRAO to recognize outstanding presentations from the various state and regional meetings. Cié was nominated for her presentation "Your Non-Verbal Picture is Worth 1,000 Words" by both SACRAO (Southern Association) and TACRAO (Texas Association).

Submitted by —
Joe DeCristoforo,
Associate Vice President and University Registrar

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