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April 2017, Issue 4

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The Links between Bystander Intervention and REACH

Recognize Choose Act Poster

UTSA is embarking on a new challenge to incorporate bystander intervention into the campus culture. While energies are being applied to the bystander intervention initiative, Beaks Up Speak Up, we have not forgotten about REACH. In fact, bystander themes are a seamless fit with the REACH model.

By definition, bystander Intervention is recognizing a potentially harmful situation or interaction and choosing to respond in a way that could positively influence the outcome. In this definition one can see a reflection of the REACH domains. Bystander intervention is about assuming personal responsibility. We want students to see positive intervention as their business, and their duty as a Roadrunner. UTSA’s bystander motto, Beaks Up Speak Up, is about having your eyes open and being engaged in an interaction or conversation about what you see. Bystander intervention can be difficult and there can be many barriers to intervening. We are more likely to intervene if we have role models or leaders who demonstrate bystander intervention. To be the first bystander requires courage and leadership. The bystander steps are (1) recognize; (2) choose and (3) act. To deliberate intervention options or choices, while considering the circumstances and one’s own safety requires critical thinking. Finally, one of the primary purposes of integrating bystander intervention on campus is to promote a physically and emotionally safe and healthy campus. When students feel safe on campus, they can go on to address the needs required for a healthy and balanced life.

When you promote Beaks Up Speak, you are in sync with REACH.

Submitted by —
Melissa Hernandez
Associate Director,
Counseling Services

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