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June 2015, Issue 6

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What’s Next for REACH?

By now, all employees in Student Affairs have attended REACH training, and new staff members will attend REACH training as they join the division. But, what’s next for REACH?

As you think about your programs and services, which REACH goal/domain do you support? And, what area would you say your department supports as a whole? This year, each department has identified at least one REACH goal that they support. So, how will we know if we really are helping students to become more responsible or to be engaged citizens, as examples?

There are many ways to measure how students grow and what they learn. One good first step might be to ask students about their own learning. If you have not asked students about their learning in relation to REACH, then asking them could provide a baseline. Then, you can decide what you need to focus on more or less.

REACH Assessment Options Checklist

To assist you, here are some question prompts based on the definitions for REACH.

So when you have an opportunity to ask students about your programs and services, ask about REACH, as well. Even just one or two questions might provide you with some great feedback to improve your initiatives.

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Kasey Neece-Fielder
Strategic Planning and Assessment

Four C's / REACH Staff Training Schedule (SD371) - Spring 2015

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