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July 2015, Issue 7

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It's All About Learning

Sometimes it might feel like learning inside the classroom and learning outside the classroom are vastly different situations. However, when we compare REACH with what the core curriculum focuses on, the emphases are remarkably similar.

Student Affairs Learning GoalsCore Curriculum Objectives
Healthy and Balanced Living
Personal Responsibility
Engaged Citizenship Social Responsibility
Active Leadership Teamwork,
Communication Skills
Critical Thinking Critical Thinking Skills,
Empirical and Quantitative Skills

Under the direction of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB), state institutions in Texas are now following six common learning objectives. These six objectives are woven into the core curriculum and measured to ensure students are learning what is intended. I hope you can see the overlap and the connections.

For example, as students are learning about critical thinking in the classroom, they also have opportunities outside of the classroom to practice critical thinking through our programs and services in Student Affairs. We play a critical role in student learning. We also support what students are learning in the classroom, and REACH helps us show that.

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Kasey Neece-Fielder
Strategic Planning and Assessment

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