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November 2014, Issue 11

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REACH / Four C's Integrated Training (SD371)

The Education Team recently completed the integrated Four C’s and REACH classes for the semester. We continue to be inspired by the insight provided by staff as they attend the sessions.

It is important to think about how to do our jobs and what our students should be gaining from our programs and services. That is the essence of both models, but just like True Colors, it requires effort on your part:

  • What is your contribution?
  • What will you do differently next year to help students?

These were just a few of the conversations from the classes this semester. We encourage you to do the same. Try writing your answers to the prompts below and share with a colleague. Email us what you come up with!

My contribution to learning is…

I will take the following actions to contribute to student learning…

Four C's / REACH Integrated Training (SD371) Schedule for Student Affairs STAFF

— Spring 2015 - Coming Soon.

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