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November 2016, Issue 11

Thank You Rowdy visiting with Yolanda Helm

To: Yolanda Helm, Housing and Residence Life
From: Gary Hankins, Housing and Residence Life

Thank You Rowdy Award Recipient

I am pleased to pass along Thank You Rowdy to Yolanda Helms for all of her hard work and thoughtfulness to everyone in the Department of Housing and Residence Life, and across Student Affairs.

Yollie, you go above and beyond to comfort, and to help your fellow co-workers, your student staff members, and all the students that come to you on a daily basis for whatever their needs might be.

Your special touch and personality is so needed in this department and university, and so very much appreciated, that we want to acknowledge them today by saying, "Thanks for ALL of your dedication and for ALL the little things that you do, for ALL of us here in Housing and Residence Life … and for being the Rowdy Gal that you are!"

Your friend,

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