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November 2015, Issue 11

Thank You Rowdy visiting with Brendan Nadeau

Thank You Rowdy Award Presentation with Recipient's Department

To: Brendan Nadeau
Administrative Associate II,
Enrollment Services Administration
From:   Nathan Flory
Business Manager,
Office of Student Financial Aid & Enrollment Services

I am pleased to pass on Thank You Rowdy to Brendan in recognition of all his efforts and contributions to UTSA and the departments with which he interacts. He significantly impacts our work environment for the better every single day whether it's behind the scenes handling IT issues, HR functions or up front leading the charge with work-study tasks and serving students.

The constant professional, Brendan is never rattled by last minute projects or changes with workflow. No matter what random job comes his way he is always on top of it. All who know Brendan would probably agree with the title “Modern Renaissance Man.” He is a cultured man with various intellectual interests and always finds a way to integrate this label into day to day business and to the betterment of the office. Not only can Brendan help build cubicle furniture but he can tell you the history of this 1970’s modular furniture phenomenon at the same time. He is a logophile who speaks (and sings happy birthday) in multiple languages. He knows food, he knows tech, he knows history, and most importantly he knows how to positively impact all he works with.

It has truly been a pleasure working with Brendan these past few years. Thank you for your commitment and dedication to the division. It is an honor to pass on Thank You Rowdy to you.

Thank You Rowdy Award Recipient

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