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January 2016, Issue 1

Thank You Rowdy visiting with Khanh Nguyen

To: Khanh Nguyen, Student Financial Aid Officer II, Financial Aid
From:   Melissa Jackson, Administrative Services Officer I, Enrollment Services

Thank You Rowdy Award Presentation with Recipient's Department Thank You Rowdy Award Presentation with Recipient

I enthusiastically pass Thank You Rowdy to Khanh Nguyen. Khanh is one of the most gracious, talented people within our division. She ALWAYS extends herself for the betterment of the goal; whether that goal is aiding students with their financial aid or raising money for office activities. She displays a patience that is second to none. She carries herself in such a quiet demeanor, however when the opportunity presents, she greatly abounds (and abounds well) in the leadership capacity.

I have never heard her complain; infact, I’ve only heard her combat conflict with grace, options and/or resolution. She not only presents resolution options, but has no problem carrying out the call, even if that means doing it solo.

It has been an honor working with Khanh and she is very deserving of this honor of receiving Thank You Rowdy.

Thank You Rowdy Award Recipient

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