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February 2015, Issue 2

Thank You Rowdy visiting with Steve Kudika

Thank You Rowdy Award Presentation Thank You Rowdy Award Presentation

To: Steve Kudika
Assistant Director, Fitness & Wellness, Campus Recreation
From:   Jonathan Bange
Assistant Director, Downtown Programs, Campus Recreation

I am extremely honored to pass on the “Thank You Rowdy” tradition to you for three reasons Steve. First, is your approach and commitment to student focused programs, services, and trainings even if it creates more work for you. Your approachable demeanor creates the space for students to genuinely enjoy interactions with you. Your commitment to student development and mentorship is illustrated through your former students’ willingness to share what Campus Recreation (you) have done for their success.

The second reason is for you living out our department’s values. This has been observed through your programs, input in meetings/trainings, involvement in our division, participation with various organizations, and genuine interactions with people. You embody the following: Integrity, Fun, Accountability, Learning and Human Development, Innovation, and inclusion.

Lastly, I am most impressed with your willingness to serve and assist others that are not a part of your essential job function. This is more than commendable and it does not go unnoticed. It is really encouraging and uplifting to be able work with a genuine person like yourself.

Thank you for being you! UTSA, Student Affairs, Campus Recreation, and I benefit from your efforts and contributions.

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