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July 2016, Issue 7

Thank You Rowdy visiting with Cindy Dermody

To: Cindy Dermody, Associate Director, Undergraduate Admissions
From: Neva Hughes, Transcript Evaluator III, Undergraduate Admissions

Thank You Rowdy Award Recipient


I have known you for a very long time!

You have always encouraged me to better myself and have been very supportive in my life’s endeavors. You have provided me with the tools to do my job and have added short cuts to Banner that I was able to share with the other schools that I worked for.

I will forever be grateful for the opportunities given to me both the first time here and now currently my second job here in Admissions.

I appreciate your honesty and your friendship. Thank you again and enjoy your well-deserved Thank you Rowdy!

Thank You Rowdy Award Recipient

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