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July 2014, Issue 7

Thank You Rowdy visiting with Anne Jimenez

Thank You Rowdy Award Presentation Thank You Rowdy Award Presentation

To: Anne Jimenez
Assistant Dean of Students & Director, Student Conduct & Community Standards
From:   Norma Scalf
Norma Scalf, Administrative Associate II, Student Life


It is with great joy I pass along Thank You Rowdy to you. You are a true professional who models by example what Student Affairs and caring for the students and your staff is all about. This past year has been a very difficult one for you, Student Conduct and Student Life due to the loss of our beloved friend and co-worker, Todd.

Your constant encouragement for Todd to get better so he could return to work truly made a difference in his valiant fight. It made a difference in the lives of the members of the office suite too. In the midst of being short staffed and facing a mountain of work, you still managed to take time for hospital visits, cards and treats for Todd and his family. Thank you for being not only a great administrator but one who exhibits deep compassion. You truly care about UTSA staff and their families: sharing our joys and our sorrows. Your trademark of sending handmade greeting cards brings cheer and hope to the hearts of so many.

You are the consummate teacher when meeting with a student or encouraging a staff member – always taking time to seize a moment to give an encouraging admonition or instruction. Your passion for UTSA students to succeed and excel is contagious.

Thank you for your wonderful example. UTSA and Student Affairs is a better place because of how you Collaborate, Connect, Create and Communicate on a daily basis!

Thank You!

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