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August 2015, Issue 8

Thank You Rowdy visiting with Lydia Bueno

Thank You Rowdy Award Presentation Thank You Rowdy Award Presentation

To: Lydia Bueno
Associate Director, Student Activities
From:   Laura Rivas
Assistant Director, UC - Events Management & Conference Services

It is my pleasure to pass on the Thank You Rowdy to you, for your gracious understanding of the many facets related to the coordination of student organization events on our decentralized Main Campus and for your communication with our office on matters that often arise with these.

You and your staff have been a great help in getting EMCS onto RowdyLink, helping us post informational fliers and walking us through a lot of the process. Your support of our office during conversations with student organizations is greatly appreciated; working in tandem with Student Activities to explain (and enforce) the many event-related policies and alternatives has been and continues to be essential in fostering an environment where students can be creative and have fun. In short, you get it. With the many hats you wear, you never fail to respond to my questions with professionalism and good humor.

Thanks for all that you do!

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