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January 9, 2009

To:  Sandy True, Office of the Registrar
From:  Cindy White, Office of the Vice President for Student Affairss

Sandy receiving Rowdy from Cindy
Records Staff

(L-R)  Sandy True, Cindy White

Thank You Rowdy poses with Sandy and the Records Staff


I am passing Rowdy to you in appreciation for all you do for the University. Whenever I have students who need assistance with transcripts, records, or any other concerns, you are always willing and able to help them. Even when it is an emergency and the student has missed a deadline, you always find a way to expedite their request whenever possible. Sometimes I have to contact you when other areas in the Registrar’s office are busy and you immediately handle the situation. You truly care about our students. You are very pleasant, courteous, and professional and an asset to UTSA. It is always a pleasure to work with you.

Thank you,
Cindy White

January 20, 2009

To:  Nancy Hughes, Office of Admissions
From:  Sandy True, Office of the Registrar

Nancy, I am passing Thank you Rowdy to you! You have always been so very helpful to me over the years. Often times there are issues that must be resolved before a student can register or we can print a transcript for the student. I know that when I call you the issue will be resolved and what is truly amazing it is usually done that day!! Thank you for all you do for our students at UTSA you are greatly appreciated.

Sandy True

Nancy (L) and Sandy (R)
Group Hug

(L-R)  Nancy Hughes, Sandy True

Group hug!

Admissions Staff

Thank You Rowdy poses with Nancy and the Admissions Staff

February 5, 2009

To:  Elli Mitchell, Office of Enrollment Services
From:  Nancy Hughes, Office of Admissions

Elli (L) and Nancy (R)
All smiles

(L-R)  Elli Mitchell, Nancy Hughes

All smiles

Throughout the years I have worked at UTSA, I have observed you in your position with Enrollment Services and as you work with students. They come to you with questions that you must hear a million times a day. Often they come to you as frightened first-time college students other times as frustrated veterans of academia, but I have never seen you waiver.

From day one, I have admired your interaction with students… young and old. Your tone of voice is always pleasant and reassuring. You have always answered questions authoritatively. I have never seen you short with a student, regardless of the issue discussed. You know your stuff.

Two years ago, I decided to take advantage of the opportunity available to all employees and I became a non-traditional student…a very non-traditional. Elli, once again, you put on your Enrollment Services hat and treated me like I have watched you treat any number of students. You answered my endless questions, reassured me, and offered appropriate strategies to someone who last attended college, shall we say, in the dark ages. I realize you had heard my questions repeatedly, but you never skipped a beat.

Elli, thank you for what you do for UTSA, for the students and what you did for this very non-traditional student…you’re the best.

Nancy Hughes

February 19, 2009

To:  Ginnifer 'Cie' Gee and Monica Bowden, Office of Graduation Coordination
From:  Elli Mitchell, Office of Financial Aid and Enrollment Services

Graduation Coordination with Rowdy

It is with great pleasure that I pass Rowdy to Ginnifer 'Cie' Gee and Monica Bowden, our wonderful Graduation Coordination team. You both do a magnificent job that is very much appreciated by staff and students alike.

Your interpersonal and organizational skills pay tremendous dividends as you successfully coordinate graduation and commencement activities. My colleagues and I greatly appreciate your willingness to help whenever we seek your advice on behalf of a student. I admire your 'cool-headed' approach while still displaying an appropriate sense of urgency even during your times of highest levels of activity.

Your tireless efforts and abundant energy play a major role in the success of our students and UTSA.

Thank you both for your superb work.


March 5, 2009

To:  Sara Bordelon, Office of the Registrar
From:  Cié Gee & Monica Bowden, Office of the Registrar-Graduation Coordination

Sara Bordelon with Rowdy

Graduation Coordination would like to pass the "Thank You Rowdy" to someone that is most deserving. Sara Bordelon is the Administrative Associate and Receptionist for the Registrar's office. Sara always has a smile on her face and is ready and willing to assist students and staff.

Many times simply because of our location, lost students wander in asking for directions to other offices, or where they need to go for a service. Sara whips out a map and gives not only current students, but also soon to be students and parents, and former students a comfort in an unfamiliar place.

Not everyone that enters our office is in a "good" mood. Students have complaints, or problems, or are simply looking for someone to help them. We all have days when we have a hard time keeping a positive face, but not Sara, she is like a Miss Congeniality Superwoman! We have seen Sara in many different situations, and she is always professional and helpful. It shows that Sara's concern is the individual and getting their issue resolved in a positive, polite, and professional manner. She is a communicator, resolver, and fact finder between the student and each area of this office.

Sara is a great asset to the Registrar's office and GCO values her astronomically!

Thanks Sara!

Cié Gee and Monica Bowden

Sara receiving Rowdy from Monica and Cie
Rowdy with Sara, Monica, and Cie

(L-R)  Sara Bordelon, Monica Bowden, Cié Gee

Thank You Rowdy poses with his new friends

March 19, 2009

To:  Jeanette Francovich, Jessica Thompson & the Visitors Center Staff
From:  Sara Bordelon, Office of the Registrar

Sara Bordelon with Rowdy

I'm passing Thank You Rowdy to y'all as a token of appreciation for all you do! There were a few months during the office shuffle in which we were neighbors, and it was a wonderful experience. We were able to share information back and forth and really collaborate on solving some problems with visitors/students who weren't sure where they needed to be. I don't visit as much as I used to, but the both of you and all that you work with at the Visitors Center keep the atmosphere so bright and welcoming. By listening to some of your tours (including yours Jessica!), I've been able to find out much more about the university.

Thank you!
Sara Bordelon

Jeanette and Jessica receive Rowdy from Sara
Rowdy with Jeanette, Jessica, and Sara

Jeanette Francovich and Jessica Thompson receive Rowdy
from Sara Bordelon

Thank You Rowdy poses with his new friends

April 2, 2009

To:  Christopher Goldsberry, Enrollment Services Center
From:  Jeanette Francovich & Jessica Thompson, Visitor Center Office/Admissions

We are passing Thank You Rowdy to you Christopher for all of your hard work and dedication! :) You took this position and in less then a year or maybe it was just within weeks, you had us forgetting about the wonderful person you replaced and we were in awe of how you just took the ground running! You assist us with our many groups and answer all of the students crazy questions. :) Even though you have been relocated to the Downtown Campus your presence is still felt at the Main Campus via emails, phone calls, and being willing to travel from the downtown campus to the Main Campus to give presentations. You have a positive attitude and friendly demeanor which translates into one heck of a representative for the University. Thank you for all you have done and all you will continue to do for prospective students and families.

You are appreciated for all of your hard work!

Jeanette Francovich & Jessica Thompson

Christopher receives Rowdy from Jeanette

Jeanette Francovich, Christopher Goldsberry and Rowdy

April 16, 2009

To:  April Gonzales, Office of Financial Aid
From:  Christopher Goldsberry, Enrollment Services Center

I am passing "Thank You Rowdy" on to you, April, in recognition of all the diligence, patience, and creativity you have provided to our Outreach program over the past few months. Whenever I needed someone to attend a complex presentation on my behalf, I was always able to count on you, in spite of your own inordinately hectic schedule. Our biggest recruiting event of the year, College Goal 2009, would not have been possible without your dedication and determination for success. You took on a great deal of stress in a short amount of time and managed it admirably, including contacting media outlets, creating extraordinary paperwork and guidelines, and maintaining communication with our partners at Alamo Community College District. I have watched you at work in your own role, always willing to assist and lend a helping hand to all who ask. Thank you, April, for all you do, and keep up the outstanding work!

April receives Rowdy from Christopher
April receives Rowdy from Christopher

April Gonzales receiving Rowdy from Christopher Goldsberry

April Gonzales and Christopher Goldsberry pose with Rowdy

April 30, 2009

To:  Student Financial Aid and Enrollment Services (SFAES) Call Center:
         Kaeli Brown, Joshua Cuevas, Andria Cox, Musoke Sendaula, Karen Pfeil, Amy Gomez, Danny Campos,Jacob Martinez,
         Stephen Cheney, Claudia Rodriguez-Lily
From:  April Gonzales, Office of Financial Aid

I would like to present a well deserved Thank You Rowdy to the Student Financial Aid and Enrollment Services (SFAES) Call Center, as a token of my appreciation for all the dedication and hard work your team has committed to our department daily. As a fairly young team ranging from 4 months to 2 years this dynamic staff has manage to create and foster a team work environment. The joint effort and collaboration this group has established while continuing to average 4,000 calls a week during a non-peak period is a model for all our staff to aspire to. The resourcefulness this team demonstrates is truly admirable, as they research the caller’s needs and seek out accurate information and share the updated knowledge with each other in order to assist future customers. They are referred to as part of our front line and with their enduring support they continue to defer thousands of students from coming in and flooding our counters. Keep up the outstanding work Call Center!

Enrollment Services Call Center with Rowdy

May 14, 2009

To:  Luna Taroc and Frances Sturchio, Office of Admissions
From:  Student Financial Aid and Enrollment Services (SFAES) Call Center:
         Kaeli Brown; Joshua Cuevas; Daniel Campos; Stephen Cheney; Andria Cox; Amy Gomez; Jacob Martinez;
         Karen Pfeil; Claudia Rodriguez-Lilly; Musoke Sendaula

Luna and Frances receive Rowdy

Luna and Frances:

The ESC Call Center would like to present you with the "Thank You Rowdy" in appreciation of your hard work and excellence in staff-to-staff customer service. Every time one of our staff calls either you for assistance with admissions processing, you are both so helpful and go above in beyond in answering our questions and addressing our concerns. Not only do we appreciate your service but, in turn, the students we are assisting over the phone appreciate it as well. We know! They’ve told us so! Thank you both, again, for your dedication to helping us help our callers!

The Student Financial Aid and Enrollment Services Call Center Staff
Kaeli Brown; Joshua Cuevas; Daniel Campos; Stephen Cheney; Andria Cox; Amy Gomez; Jacob Martinez; Karen Pfeil; Claudia Rodriguez-Lilly; Musoke Sendaula

Luna and Frances with Rowdy
A new gift for Rowdy

Luna and Frances receive Rowdy from the ESC Call Center

A new gift to Rowdy, from the ESC Call Center.

July 23, 2009

To:  Julie Flores and Sandra Smith, Office of Admissions
From:  Luna Taroc and Frances Sturchio, Office of Admissions

Julie and Sandra, we are passing "Thank You Rowdy" to you both. We would like to give it to everyone in our office but that is not possible, so we thought about it and made a decision to give it to the both of you. We asked ourselves, "why them, and what makes them stand out to us?" First of all, we work with both of you each day, and we both get to see the real you! We thought about the training both of you have given us, the notes that you have taken and shared with us, coverage on the phone while we're away from our desk, taking the responsibility to cover our area when we are away from the office, you both remind us if there are any changes in the office which keeps us on our toes, you both have an approachable demeanor. And so much more, you both make coming to work enjoyable. Thank you both from Luna and Frances.

Frances gives Thank You Rowdy to Julie

Recipient Sandra Smith absent on July 23, 2009

August 6, 2009

To:  Aida Trujillo - Office of the Registrar
From:  Julie Flores & Sandra Smith - Office of Admissions

As we take into consideration the many great staff members within the department of Student Affairs - there is one member who stands out above all others and she is Aida Trujillo. Aida became the Certification Specialist in July 2008. Her knowledge, work ethic and positive approach make her a true asset in Student Affairs. One would think she has held this position much longer than just one year. Residency issues can be complex at times. Aida not only explains policy and regulation in terms easily understood, she is also very patient! She adds a personal touch to her work, and when she tells you she will follow through on an issue - you can be certain she will do just that! She is a multi-tasker - assisting with the ROTC-Detachment 842 with enrollment issues. She works very closely with International Programs. Aida is always aware of up coming events/deadlines and ensures those involved are kept in the loop of things. Thank you Aida for being all that you are to us and for being so good at it! It is a true joy to have you on board.

Sandra and Julie pass Rowdy to Aida

He's so cute!

September 3, 2009

To:  David Longoria and Alejandra Gonzales, Office of Financial Aid - ESC
From:  Aida Trujillo, Office of the Registrar

As I take a look at the work I process for residency, it requires I research and analyze documents submitted by students before I can determine their residency status. Many times I’ve called upon the assistance of my fellow Student Affair employees, David Longoria and Alejandra Gonzales who are always willing to assist me, although many deserve the honor, it gives me great pleasure to pass “Thank You Rowdy” to these two well deserving individuals who always go beyond the call of duty by providing excellent customer service to others and me. They take the extra step by providing me with copies that were scanned in their area and walk the documents over to our department.

David and Alejandra are always willing to assist me by looking up documents the students turn in at the Enrollment Service Counter, and never get received in our area. They take time off their busy schedule to make a print of the document(s) and walk it over to me. There have been times when I needed to verify if the student applying for residency is being claimed as a dependent by the parent on Income Tax documents. So, before I determine residency for a student, I make certain all documents have been reviewed and his file updated. This process could not be done without the assistance of employees like David and Alejandra who take pride in their work in helping others to complete their work.

Thank you both for the assistance and help.

Alejandra and David receive Rowdy from Aida.

September 3, 2009

To: To: Diana S. Martinez, Student Financial Aid & Enrollment Services
From:  David Longoria and Alejandra Gonzales, Student Financial Aid & Enrollment Services

When it came time for us to part with Rowdy, we were in agreement in selecting the most deserving recipient for this award. There was only one person that came to mind, a person that we felt stands out above the rest… Diana Martinez. We are honored to pass "Thank You Rowdy" to you for all your hard work and for showing us the "true meaning of team work". Although, there are many well deserving staff members in Student Affairs and in our office, (Enrollment Services/Financial Aid) who strive to provide the best customer service possible. One person we feel is above all else, a talented director, the heart and backbone of Financial Aid, is Ms. Diana S. Martinez.

Your knowledge and positive attitude brings out the best in everyone and we all strive to do our very best for you and the department. We appreciate how you take time to go over our processes with us and listen to ideas, and give us positive input on how to improve and streamline our policy and procedures. You empower us each day by offering us additional projects and training in other areas which benefits everyone especially in our busy times when it's all hands on deck. Most of all, we love your "cheat notes" you have provided for us to assist the staff when certain situations arise. There are times when it's very busy and lines are long and weary, it's very refreshing to see you there with us in the trenches with your upbeat attitude and happy personality. You're managing skills and open door policy makes you well deserving of this award.

Thank you Diana for everything you do.

David & Alejandra

Diana receives Rowdy from Alejandra

October 15, 2009

To:  Jackie L. Hobson, Assoc. VP Student Affairs Administration & Planning
From:  Diana S. Martinez, Student Financial Aid & Enrollment Services

I am passing "Thank You Rowdy" to a wonderful, deserving person, Jackie L. Hobson. Jackie assists Students Affairs staff on a consistent basis. She is always available to share her expert knowledge of understanding the Define and budget processes as they relate to our office operations. She has met several times with myself and many of our staff members in Student Financial Aid and Enrollment Services and has provided professional training tools that have had a positive impact on the business processes we use in our office.

She makes it so easy to understand and remains patient as we continue to ask her questions. She is always available for us to email or call and considers the work that she does a privilege as well as a responsibility. I appreciate Jackie’s continual dedication, hard work and support to Student Affairs and to the members of our office who benefit from her support and knowledge. Thank you Jackie!

With Gratitude,
Diana S. Martinez

Diana presenting Jackie with Thank You Rowdy


October 15, 2009

To:  Zenia Trevino, Office of Admissions
From:  Jackie Hobson, Office of Student Affairs Budget and Financial


Today I am presenting you with Thank You Rowdy as a gesture of appreciation for your great attitude and willingness to assist with a myriad of projects and requests. You have a strong work ethic and an infectious smile, which make it a pleasure to interact with you. Anything that we give you will be handled and resolved quickly and professionally. Thank you for all you do for students, faculty and staff at UTSA!

In appreciation,
Jackie Hobson

Jackie reads her message of appreciation to Zenia.

Zenia with Thank You Rowdy

November 12, 2009

To:  Christina Maldonado, Office of Orientation and Family Programs
From:  Zenia Trevino, Office of Admissions

In appreciation of all the hard work you do for Orientation, Student Affairs, and UTSA I am presenting you with Thank You Rowdy. Your strong work ethic and great attitude are always evident in all that you do. Thank you.

In Appreciation,
Zenia Trevino

Christina receives Rowdy from Zenia

Christina and Rowdy

December 3, 2009

To:  Fernando Estrada, Office of Orientation and Family Programs
From:  christina Maldonado, Office of Orientation and Family Programs


Today I pass along to you Thank You Rowdy!

OFP could not survive without you! You have been so helpful to me and the dept. You have a great attitude you never say no and you are always ready to assist no matter what the situation. You back up the front desk when needed and thanks to you I don't have to set-up Banner Course Numbers anymore!! It is a great pleasure to work with you!

Thanks again for all you do and keep up the good work!

In Appreciation,

Christina and Fernando with Thank You Rowdy

Fernando and Thank You Rowdy

December 17, 2009

To:  Jamie Satterwhite and Michael Wallen, Office of Admissions
From:  Fernando Estrada, Office of Orientation and Family Programs

Jamie and Mike, I pass along to you Thank you Rowdy for the appreciation and respect I have for both of you. From my first day here at UTSA you embraced my arrival and guided me through UTSA's IT procedures. You both took time out of your busy and hectic schedules to train me. Three years later, when I run into problems, I know I can still count on both of you to point me in the right direction. Student Affairs should be very proud to have two hard working and dedicated members on their team.

Thank you for all your help!

Fernando reads his thank you note to Jamie and Mike

Fernando passing off Thank You Rowdy to Jamie and Mike