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August 2014, Issue 8


Roadrunner Days, August 22 - August 29

Roadrunner Days is a series of events and activities (Complete Schedule) designed to help students have a successful journey, culminating with their graduation in four years.

During Roadrunner Days, we encourage students to experience the excitement of a new fall semester and learn about the many ways to get involved with our vibrant campus life.

New students are required to attend Fall Convocation, Playfair and Intended Major Exploration, all occurring on Monday, August 25.

We're proud of the tremendous efforts put forth by the entire UTSA community to make this event happen, and we offer the following reasons for any students you come across who need a little extra convincing:

Top 5 Reasons To Attend Roadrunner Days

  1. It's MANDATORY.Few things in college are mandatory, so you know this must be important.
  2. Pave the way for academic success. We have a tremendous array of academic resources that can lift your performance to new levels.
  3. Make important campus connections. Who wouldn't want a chance to enjoy BBQ with President Romo, faculty, staff and student leaders? Not to mention that research indicates students who participate in the broader university community perform better academically!
  4. Find your way around. Our classroom numbering system can be a bit "challenging," so map out your favorite route (to include a Starbucks stop, of course).
  5. Build your Roadrunner network. You'll soon learn why our creed says, "...Now and forever, I am a Roadrunner!"

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Sean Burns
Web Specialist,
Student Affairs