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September 2016, Issue 9


FAFSA Update

Big changes coming for students applying for Financial Aid!

In case you haven’t heard, the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is now available every October 1, instead of January 1, as in previous years.

Not only is the timing changing, but which tax return to use is also different. Instead of using tax return information from the previous year, students will use returns from two years ago (so for this new FAFSA application the 2015 tax return numbers will be used). Typically when the FAFSA because available in Jan, students would have to wait until their parents filed their taxes for the previous year. Moving forward, students can start their FAFSA in October using the taxes their parents already filed (meaning they are using tax returns from two years ago in relation to the year they will start school) This will make it easier on our students because they won’t have to wait or update their tax information after they file them.

Be sure to let students you work with know these updates and keep it in mind if you’re a student too! The One Stop Enrollment Center staff are available to help students with any questions they might have about the updates or the application process. They can visit the office, call, email, or even set up a Skype appointment. For quick, general questions they can also reach out via social media @UTSAonestop. Please visit the OneStop website for more information.


The Enrollment Services Marketing and Communications team is excited to share that the initial issue of Rowdy Zine has been published. Rowdy Zine is the Admissions Viewbook for prospective students and is a collaborative effort between many departments at UTSA, including Academic Affairs.

The Zine will be published quarterly and both paper and electronic copies will be available to share with Future Roadrunners and the UTSA community. View this fall's issue online.

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