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January 2015, Issue 1


UTSA Ambassadors Program Has Much to Celebrate

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Ambassadors Group Ambassadors with Cake Ambassadors with Christmas Outfits

As a semester filled with Homecoming decorating, Etiquette dinners, and a 25-year Reunion came to a close, the UTSA Ambassadors ended another chapter of service to the University with their Holiday Graduation Party.

One of the many traditions of the UTSA Ambassadors, along with Convocation and Commencement, are their Graduation Parties at the end of each Fall and Spring Semester. They serve as a final send-off to the graduates of each semester and it is a chance for them to share with their fellow Ambassadors the memories that they will take from their time in the program.

Whether it is the times when they could come into the office and have a place to see their “UTSA family,” the uniforms that made them feel important, or even the countless events that take place throughout the year, they are all experiences that will not be forgotten. Along with senior speeches, a holiday food potluck and White Elephant accompany the graduate celebration to help de-stress for the upcoming wave of final exams.

As students from all major disciplines and classes joined for a Holiday meal, they collectively embodied the essence of what the UTSA Ambassadors stand for, beyond “Service, Leadership, and Integrity:” creating and fostering a family for tomorrow’s leaders.

Dr. Pat Graham
Executive Director,
UTSA Special Events Center