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June 2015, Issue 6

Social Media Tips

#Using Divisional Hashtags

Hashtags (#) are an effective way to search for and connect through social media platforms. Although most widely used in Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+ also have hashtag capacity. Hashtags can be used in many ways, including add humor or creativity to a tweet or post. However, in order to be more strategic and effective with our social media in Student Affairs, we want to limit the number of newly created hashtags and encourage those in the division to consistently use some of our standard hashtags.

What are some of those standard hashtags, you might ask?

#utsa is a basic hashtag used not only in our division, but across the university to bring visibility to a variety of UTSA-related tweets and posts. Other important hashtags are class hashtags such as #utsa18 and #utsa19. Designated by the year they will graduate (let’s help them Finish in Four!), the hashtag for this year’s incoming freshmen class is #utsa19. Class hashtags are an effective way to target your messages to the right audiences as well as gain followers. By simply searching using that hashtag, you can see all posts connected with it. You can also favorite or re-tweet other posts that include it (a great way to recognize and proactively connect with our new students). And it might seem like we just are getting started with the class of 2019, but before you know it we’ll be using #utsa20 to start connecting with yet another new incoming class. In fact the other day I spotted a few prospective students already starting to use it on Twitter!!

Although there are several other standard hashtags we use in the division, such as #UTSAin and #birdsup, one final key hashtag to be sure to use as we start to gear up for the start of the fall 2015 semester is #utsarrdays. Think about what role your office plays in Roadrunner Days and be sure to use the hashtag as you create posts to promote and share information about it.

If you have further questions about using divisional hashtags, feel free to contact a Student Affairs Social Media team member. We’re glad to help with any hashtag or social media questions you might have.

Submitted by —
Sarah Joy Netterlund
Enrollment Services Coordinator
Student Financial Aid and Enrollment Services