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June 2016, Issue 6

Social Media Tips

Your Social Media Summer Assignment

Whether or not you have responsibility for managing social media channels in your area, everyone has a role in creating messages for our constituents. Social media tells our story and conveys to students, in an approachable way, the information they need to navigate college. With that in mind, we offer a social media assignment that you can complete over the summer.

Has it been awhile since you’ve had homework? That’s OK. Give it a try. Simply answer each of the prompts below and send the information to your social media manager. Under each prompt, we have provided an example to get you started.

1. Name an events program or service you wish students knew more about.

  • Roadrunner Days

2. List three facts for the program or service in six words or less.

  • Freshmen required to attend on Monday
  • Transfers welcome
  • Get involved early

3. Choose a strategy (or several) to make it stand out.

  • Photos, photos and more photos
  • Video invitations from current student leaders for each event
  • Very little text – mostly visual

4. When you view information on social media platforms, what are three things that make it stand out to you.

  • Humor in the post
  • I view posts more often when multiple people share it
  • My favorite posts are memorable – funny hashtag – a cool quote

Please provide your ideas to your social media manager. In doing so, you have made a great contribution to the communication plan (the story) for social media in your area. Have fun this summer!

Submitted by —
Jan McKinney
Communications and Administration,
Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs