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April 2016, Issue 4

Social Media Tips

SnapChat On-Demand GeoFilters

Snap Filter UTSA Fiesta

If you’re a Snapper (meaning you use SnapChat) and you attended Fiesta UTSA on Friday, April 15th, you may have used some of the on-demand filters. Have no idea what that means? I’ll break it down for you.

On the right is a Snap (photo) taken in SnapChat (an app). Credit to Analicia Gonzales for sharing her Snap. Analicia took a photo of the Rowdy statue in the SnapChat app, added the text “Rowdy is ready!!!”, then swiped to the left to add the Fiesta UTSA ¡Baile 2016! filter. This snap was available to be seen by her friends in SnapChat for the next 24 hours.

This filter titled, “Fiesta UTSA Banner Style”, was available on Friday, April 15 from midnight until 11 pm. During that time, it was used 1,241 times, which amassed 90,069 views! As you will notice in the Google map in the metrics image, it was only available in a small area on campus (click the below graphic to view a larger image). The cost of the on-demand filter was $177.22!

Snap Filter UTSA Metrics

Previously, SnapChat only allowed for community filters to be submitted and they would choose if it would be selected or not. We have no idea why or how they select filters. SnapChat now gives users the option to purchase on-demand filters which is great because you know the filter will be available.

Keep an eye out for more on-demand filters during various UTSA events!

Submitted by —
Lydia Bueno
Associate Director,
Student Activities