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July 2016, Issue 7

Social Media Tips

Using Social Media as a Warm Welcome

Orientation season is upon us and that means lots of new Roadrunners entering our campus! While it is important to engage and welcome all of our incoming freshman and transfer students in person, it is just as important to welcome and engage them on social media!

Students are making the presence of their classes known on social media! Need proof? Just search the hashtag #utsa20 — what better way to make your office’s presence known than to engage with them and let them know you’re excited they are here.

Fun and effective ways to engage are tweeting out fun facts about your office during orientation season so new students know where to find you for specific situations. The Orientation Leaders do an excellent job at giving incoming students information they need to know, but this will reinforce it and put a name to the information. Another fun way to engage is to join in on the Snapchatting and Instragram photos of new students enjoying their new home. We can tell these students how excited we are to have them, and show them by engaging them through social media! Make sure to use the #utsa20 hashtag.

Submitted by —
Kayla Larsen
Graduation Coordinator II
Office of the Registrar