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January 2015, Issue 1

Social Media Tips

Reflections on Eric Stoller’s Visit

Thank you so much for attending one of the sessions presented by Eric Stoller. If you were not able to attend, please connect with a colleague in your department that attended. We received great insight and laughed a lot along the way. Check out #SocMedTX to review all the staff tweets.

We wanted to share here some of things that struck us the most. I hope these help you think about social media in tangible ways.

  • Social media is never going away!
  • It’s not promotional media, it’s social media – talk, dialogue, respond.
  • Have a content strategy. Have a message.
  • Are we role modeling good digital identity practices for our students?
  • People follow accounts they want to follow.
  • Avoid being a social media silo.
  • We can all see ourselves in this Coca Cola social media guard video, too!
  • We are here for each other. The team would be glad to meet with departments to consult and give advice.

The social media team will be processing all of our notes from the day to help guide our social media strategies for the Division.

Please share your feedback, insight and “a ha” moments from Eric Stoller’s visit with Jan McKinney or the VPSA office.

Staff participants have already shared some of their insights and “a ha” moments from the day:

  • For mass emails, we need to be strategic about content, subject line and hook our audience.
  • It was a great opportunity to hear concerns from other areas and strategies that they use to resolve these issues.
  • A question was asked about “Who in higher education is a good example of using twitter/IG?” and Eric’s response was “Look at your own institution.” I think it would be a good idea to show the division what the division/university is already doing. Perhaps show examples of website/Facebook/twitter/IG from the different departments that are doing it well. (Check out Campus Recreation at @UTSACampusRec).

Keep them coming. We want to hear from you!

Submitted by —
Jan McKinney,
Director of Communications,
Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs