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November 2015, Issue 11

Social Media Tips

Using the Four C’s in Social Media

We are encouraged to use our division’s Four C’s excellence model in everything that we do. Have you ever thought about how to use it in social media? It has to be an intentional act to be effective, but when used, you’ll notice a drastic difference in your social media presence.


Short and sweet is the way to go with this C on social media. Get to your point quickly and make it fun and engaging for students. You’re not writing an email that students will delete or send to spam.

Gradfest invitational tweet


Be sure to respond to students’ tweets, whether they’re directed to you or not. You’d be surprised how much they appreciate this! Use and search the #utsa and start connecting with students!

Tweeted question from student with answer from UTSA Financial Aid


Be creative in your social media presence by being YOU. There’s no formality to this…have fun! Have a personality on social media that students want to follow or be friends with.

Funny tweet how Rowdy is not headlining Pink Party


Engage with other departments in the division by not just promoting your office, but the division as a whole. Tag a department when you see a student has not been responded to or the student asks you something that isn’t your expertise. Celebrate and promote events all around campus as a whole, not individually.

Student activities tweet tagging other departments

Submitted by —
Kayla Larsen
Graduation Coordinator II,
Office of the Registrar