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September 2016, Issue 9

Social Media Tips

Have You Checked Out Twitter Analytics?

There’s so much more you can see on Twitter than just tweets!

For example, if you visit you can see your number of impressions (number of times your tweets were seen), pull historical reports and view consumer information about your audience and followers. For example in the image below, @UTSAOneStop earned 99,6000 impressions in the past 28 days. But there’s more than just basic numbers to see.

Twitter Analytics graph

If you select to view “Audience” from the menu on top, you can see a host of research information that can help you tailor your messages to who you’re reaching.

Twitter Analytics graph

If you haven’t checked out your Twitter accounts analytics yet, we’d encourage you to check it out today!

Submitted by —
Sarah Joy Harless
Project Coordinator
Enrollment Services Marketing and Communications