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January 2017, Issue 1

Social Media Tips

10 Social Media Trends for 2017

The following is excerpted from an article written by Nicole Teeters.

  1. Facebook is very, very quickly becoming a video-centric platform.
  2. Instagram continues to be the most effective platform for brands.
  3. GIFs and emojis bring more personality to how customers express themselves.
  4. Social storytelling is becoming more informal.
  5. Artificial intelligence is coming to social in a big way.
  6. Users are gaining control of their own social user experience.
  7. Niche social platforms will rise in relevancy.
  8. Sharing isn’t being “shared” with the public as much.
  9. Virtual and augmented reality are about to arrive.
  10. Finding zen amid the social noise.

Submitted by —
Lydia Bueno
Assistant Dean of Students
Director of the Student Leadership Center & Student Center for Community Engagement and Inclusion