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UTSA Listens provides an opportunity for every student to be heard. But even more than that, it is to process and analyze feedback in a way that allows for substantial transformational change. We listen and take action.

  • Students have the opportunity to identify catalysts for their success and articulate thoughts and concerns to university staff and feel heard.

  • Student Affairs utilizes this information to reinforce existing successful programs, provide feedback to emerging programs and services, create new programs based on the information we receive, and share any pertinent information with other departments/divisions at UTSA.

There are three main components to the UTSA Listens initiative: Rowdy Shout Outs (phone calls), Listening Booth (table outreach) and Roving Surveys (paper assessments).

Rowdy Shout Outs
Calling all sophomores, literally… Student leaders with staff support are trained to use campus phone banks to call rising sophomores and ask them about student success, including roadblocks and areas of success. Students provide information on resources that they utilized in adapting to the environment and succeeding in college.

The Listening Booth
The booth is set up by a sponsoring program or department using the UTSA Listens flag and tablecloth. Students can approach the booth and provide feedback, suggest changes, tell a story or ask questions about any topic. Cards are available on the table to allow the student to choose their method of being heard (i.e. verbal affirmation, nodding, silence, etc.) Staff will not ask questions. They are present to listen.

Roving Surveys
In partnership with the UTSA Student Government Association (SGA), the roving surveys elicit feedback from students about roadblocks which inhibit their success along with identifying areas that motivate and inspire them to stay. Roving surveys, both academic and social, are conducted at various campus locations by student government members. This brief survey provides us the opportunity to interact with students who may be less engaged in our campus community.

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