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UTSA Roadrunner Body

The UTSA Student Union is a student-centered organization that values guidance from the UTSA community through its Council. UTSA Student Union staff members solicit opinions and seek the advice of the campus community through members of the UTSA Student Union Advisory Council.

The UTSA Student Union Advisory Council is composed of currently enrolled, fee-paying students and two (2) faculty members.  Any questions regarding the Council can be directed to:

Voting members include:

  • Camille Williams

    Camille Williams

    UTSA Student Union Student Employee Representative

  • Taylor Cole

    Taylor Cole

    Vice - Chair
    Undergrad Student Representative

  • Rory Rodriguez

    Rory Rodriguez

    UTSA Student Union Programs Representative

  • Sydney Coaston

    Sydney Coaston

    Undergrad Student Representative

  • AJ Lopez

    A.J. Lopez

    Undergrad Student Representative

  • Destiny Jones

    Destiny Jones

    Graduate Student Representative

  • Jeanette Cortez

    Jeanette Cortez

    UTSA Student Union Student Employee Representative

  • Kelsey McGilbert

    Kelsey McGilbert

    Graduate Student Representative

  • Albert Djikong

    Albert Djikong

    Housing (RHA) Representative

  • Isaiah Oryce

    Isaiah Pryce

    CLV Chisholm Hall Housing Representative

  • Marcus Thomas

    Marcus Thomas

    SGA Representative


  • Brittany Garcia

    Brittany Garcia

    SGA Representative


  • Ana Richie

    Ana Richie

    SGA Representative

  • Dr. Sandy Norman

    Dr. Sandy Norman

    Faculty Representative

  • Dr. William McCrary

    Dr. William McCrary

    Faculty Representative

Ex-Officio Members (Non-Voting Members)

  • Kevin Price

    Kevin Price

    Senior Associate Vice President for Student Affairs, Dean of Students



  • Herbert Ganey

    Herb Ganey

    UTSA Student Union





  • Liz Rockstroh

    Liz Rockstroh

    Associate Director of Communications & Programs UTSA Student Union Staff Representative


  • Chenoa Dean

    Chenoa Dean

    Administrative Associate I, UTSA Student Union Advisory Council Secretary