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Academic Coaching

"Academic coaching made me get my priorities straight...made me realize where I needed to focus on to improve my grades." -R.D., freshmanstella

You can get semester-long personalized academic support. An academic coach will work individually with you, assess your strengths and needs, and devise a personalized plan just for you. Our academic coaches are full-time, professional educational specialists with significant experience in the area of study strategies.

Academic Coaching can help you:

  • Use your notes more effectively
  • Understand and remember more of what you read
  • Prepare better for tests
  • Develop better time management habits
  • Enhance your study skills

"This was the smartest move I could have made ...provided me a wealth of written and oral information that swept away my worries... I finished the semester with Straight A's!" -M.T., junior

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For more information, contact:

Stella Abuabara at (210) 458-4694 or email