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Academic Coaching

Academic coaching is the one-on-one process of helping students identify their strengths and weaknesses, then devising a personal plan. Academic coaches can help with everything from overcoming writing blocks to managing your time better to enhancing your presentation skills.

Academic coaching is supported through your Student Services fee, therefore there is no additional cost to take advantage of this service. Please contact the TRC Reception Desk for assistance with setting up an appointment, at either campus at 210-458-4694.

For more information, please contact

Academic Coaching Flyer

Below is a list of items that we have helped graduate students with over the past years.

Graduate Academic Coaching has helped with the following:

Time management

  • Setting up timeframes and due dates for various projects
  • Backdating
  • Using a calender
  • Prioritizing
  • Balance work, studies, and family


  • Drafting
  • Understanding assignments
  • How to do an annotated bibliography or literature review
  • Avoiding plagiarism
  • Organization
  • Developing a higher level writing style
  • Timelines for large writing projects
  • Overcoming writing blocks
  • Establishing confidence in your academic writing

Graduate hoops

  • Comps & Quals
  • Dissertation
  • Thesis
  • Scholarship preparation
  • Applications to various programs
  • Proposals
  • Roles of committees (dissertation, thesis, or exam) and how to select members
  • Effectively communicating with professors, peers, or groups members


Fall 2016 Graduate Student Academic Coaching Testimonials:

  • “I like talking with my coach and going through my weekly plans.” (September)
  • “Encouragement, talking about strategies to get things done.” (September)
  • “My coach listened to all my concerns and offered great solutions.” (September)
  • “I liked how my coach asked what I wanted to work on before giving suggestions. She listened to my concerns and offered a potential game plan.” (September)
  • “Discussed new concepts and how they apply to my studies.” (August)
  • “Advice on transitions and how to prepare for defense was appreciated” (August)
  • “Planned deadlines for the fall semester and time management” (August)
  • “Great reassurance; felt focused to do my research” (August)

Summer 2016 Graduate Student Academic Coaching Testimonials:

  • “My coach has been an essential person in getting me this far in my PhD” (July)
  • “My coach is exactly what I need after passing [the] PhD proposal defense” (July)
  • “My coach is the best. Couldn’t do it without her.” (July)
  • “Helped me realize how little time I had to finish the final revision to my dissertation” (July)
  • “My coach is great at being understanding of how personal events affect work productivity and methods to manage it.” (June)
  • “You have been amazing through this whole process. Thank you so much. (June)
  • “I heard her comments and I am very satisfied with the outcome.” (June)
  • “My coach read my dissertation carefully and tried to understand my writing to correct it in a way that does not change the meaning.” (June)

Spring 2016 Graduate Student Academic Coaching Testimonials:

  • “My coach was dynamic and helped me tremendously” (May)
  • “This place gave me a positive start and outlook.” (May)
  • “My coach allowed me to brainstorm concepts for my upcoming paper” (February)
  • “So great at helping me break up large tasks into manageable ones” (May)
  • “We set goals that will help me improve.” (May)
  • “Thank you so much! This is gonna help so much. You are my hero! (April)
  • My coach is so honest and awesome with the feedback she gives me. Her coaching technique is awesome!” (April)
  • My coach is a great person to bounce ideas off of and get feedback as to whether or not the idea was good” (April)
  • “My coach is always able to provide valuable insight into any problem, issue, or concern. It’s a rare gift” (April)
  • “My coach supported [my] academic goals and knowledge of the interplay between personal and academic factors is very impressive” (March)
  • “Excellent feedback and guidance” (March)
  • “It assisted me with my thought process and formatting of the paper I am preparing” (March)
  • “The support, encouragement, and discussion of ideas were helpful to me” (March)
  • “It was really helpful and I feel like this is something I’m lucky to have as a student” (February)
  • “Greatly assisted in helping me focus, manage my time, and plan. Feel better now. (February)
  • “My coach allowed me to brainstorm concepts for my upcoming paper” (February)
  • “We talked about underlying problems that I didn’t even know affected my academic performance” (February)
  • “Informative; good strategies with time management” (January)
  • “Helped me write down the pros and cons of the academic decision that I am going to make” (January)
  • [My academic coach] introduced me to a user friendly organizing/ scheduling application that I am sure I will find beneficial” (January)
  • “Absolutely happy about meeting with my first draft for my first assignment” (January)

For more information, please contact Learning Assistance at:
Main Campus | MS 1.02.02 | 210-458-4694 or Downtown Campus | DB 2.114 | 210-458-2838

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