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What is a Freshman Seminar?

Freshman Seminar courses are designed to help students new to UTSA to develop academic and social connections within the UTSA community. This 3-credit hour course, which fulfills a core curriculum requirement in the area of Social and Behavioral Sciences, offers beginning UTSA students the opportunity to participate in a small class taught by specially-selected faculty, staff, or administrators. The course allows students to develop a sense of community and belonging to UTSA, as well as to develop academic skills in the context of a rigorous, content-specific course.

What does that mean?

The Freshman Seminar is a small class of up to 25 students where you will have the opportunity to get to know other students in the Learning Community and the professors in your Learning Communities courses. Students will be encouraged and required to get involved with the university and the campus life by participating in a number of activities throughout the semester. These activities are designed to connect students with UTSA and community resources and promote positive college experiences. While many activities will take place during Freshman Seminar class time, some will occur outside of class.

Although study skills will not be the focus of the class, some skills will be developed through the academic content of the course. Since this is an academic class and you will receive 3 hours of core curriculum credit for taking it, there will be an average amount of work expected of you. Some basic requirements will be a term paper, a group project, writing assignments, an oral presentation, and at least two comprehensive exams. Keep in mind that this is not a complete list of requirements and course requirements will vary by professor.