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What is PACE?


An advising program that targets new freshmen

The change from high school to the university can be difficult for many new freshmen.  It is not because these students are incapable of succeeding; it is primarily because they are unprepared for the abrupt transition they encounter during their first year.   By being aware of possible obstacles these areas can present, our freshmen become prepared for the expectations not only in the classroom, but also in their overall collegiate experience.


PACE focuses on three transitional areas:  personal, academic and career explorations.  PACE advisors have caseloads and meet with their students monthly.  The advising sessions allow the advisors to facilitate the transitional process.

During the initial semester, each monthly appointment focuses on the personal and academic explorations.  Advisors then focus on the career exploration during the subsequent term.

Freshman Seminar

For more in-depth academic and career explorations, PACE students can enroll in a course entitled Freshman Seminar (COR 1203).  The class is taught by the PACE advisors and part-time faculty.  Instructors not only focus on the three transitional areas, but they also teach students general skills that are important for college courses and for the work force. Additional infromation on career opportunities can be found at UTSA's Career Center.


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Sabina Kapoor
Director of Undecided Programs