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Official University Statements

The Chief Communications Officer provides all official UTSA statements to the media. Please contact 210-458-4550 for assistance.

Media Relations

UTSA’s media relations specialists have a broad network of print, web and broadcast news contacts. We share UTSA stories day in and out, and after many years of experience, we have a strong grasp on the types of stories that will engage the media.

Journalists define news as information that is timely and relevant. Likewise, the UTSA media relations team is eager to promote news that has a timely hook and an overarching public benefit.

News stories likely to interest the media address:

  • job creation
  • economic development
  • milestones that demonstrate UTSA’s growth to top-tier status
  • new research or sponsored program funding
  • research results with broad appeal
  • community outreach programs and partnerships
  • a transformation in the life of a UTSA employee, student or alumnus

The type of story you offer us will determine the approach we take to share it with our media contacts. Some stories have broad appeal, require a full-scale news release and take some time to complete. Others can be shared with a simple media advisory. Still others can be shared with select reporters with a quick email.

We encourage you to contact us before you work with the media. See the Media Contacts page to meet your media relations liaison.

Media Visits

If you receive a call from a journalist who would like to visit campus for an interview or tour, please contact your media relations liaison to coordinate that visit. We can help you with parking and other logistics to ensure the visit runs smoothly.

UTSA Experts Guide

Journalists frequently contact UTSA to obtain background information for their stories. Conversely, the UTSA media relations team shares UTSA contact information with the media for scholars who specialize in an area of breaking news. We have proactively secured interviews for UTSA professors on a variety of breaking news topics. If you are able to discuss a breaking news topic, please contact your media relations liaison and we will share your expertise with the media.

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