Project and Production Management

The UTSA Production Manager (PM) utilizes Workfront, an internal project management system, to develop project plans, explore project life cycles, specify resource requirements and outline key milestones.

The PM acts as the liaison between Account Services and all other departments for all incoming project requests. This process helps us ensure that all jobs are given the attention they deserve while maintaining an orderly workflow from job initiation to release and billing. Our PM strives to ensure that we can evaluate, gain clarification and assign jobs to the Marketing team in a timely manner.

Additional tasks include:

  • Preparing project specifications and negotiating bids with a variety of outside vendors on all our creative print, interactive and media projects
  • Researching and identifying best value options through the bidding process
  • Working with administrative personnel to initiate purchase orders and notify client of estimated production costs and schedule prior to initiating final production
  • Estimating, negotiating and overseeing premium items for various university offices and colleges