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Contraction of "you all." Though plural, it is often used as a singular term in the South.


The punctuation is considered part of the name. Always include it, even when awkward:

Yahoo!’s employees.



One word when used as an adjective:

The yearlong project begins in September.



Use figures without commas. Use commas only with a month and day. Use s without an apostrophe to indicate spans of decades or centuries. Years are the exception to the rule in numerals that a figure is not used to start a sentence. See also dates.

Dec. 18, 1994
the 1980s
1964 was a turbulent year.
UTSA was founded in 1969 by the Texas Legislature.


Use only in direct quotations and in phrases that do not refer to a specific day. Use the day of the week or date in other cases.

Yesterday we were young.
Classes began Aug. 22.
Classes will begin Tuesday.


Plural form of youth.

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