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About Us

Staff Directory

Ganey, Herbert - University Center Director

General Staff
Cadena, Judy - Student Life Web Specialist
Garza, John David - Senior Information Technology Associate
Maynes, Annie - Administrative Associate II
Scott Emanus, Cindy - Administrative Service Officer II

Business Office
Garcia, Dina
- Accounting Technician
rodriguez, Carlos - Accounting Technician


Communications & Programs
Byrne, Tabitha - Assistant Director of Programs
Schwartz Jana - Associate Director for Communications and Programs
Defee, Karen - Graduate Assistant, UC Info Center
Garner, Francis - Graduate Assistant, UC Programs
Mullings, Sydney - Graduate Assistant, UC Marketing
Ogunleye, Obafemi - Graduate Assistant, UC Programs
Wyrick, Darryl - Graduate Assistant, UC Info Center


Events Management & Conference Services
Brown, Andrea - Senior Events Manager
Cantu, Orlando - Event Multimedia specialist
Clemente Romero – Graduate Student, Event Setups
Dykema Alyx - Events Manager
Hernandez, Robert - Events Manager
Hernandez, Veronica - Graduate Assistant
Hopper, Robert - Interim Building Manager for Setups
Hytchye, Doyle – Events Manager
Lee, Nikki - Associate Director of Events Management
Rivas, Laura - Assistant Director of Events Management
Nicolas Schill – Graduate Student, Event Setups

Arriaga, Rebecca - Operations Assistant I
Campos, Albert
- Operations Assistant I
Cardenas, Robert - Operations Assistant I
Carter, Diana - Operations Assistant I
Cuellar, Vilma - Operations Assistant II
Estrada, Elizabeth - Operations Assistant II
Gonzalez, Antonio - Operations Assistant II
Gonzalez, Maria - Operations Assistant I I
Harris, Johnnie - Operations Assistant III
James, Joel - Operations Assistant II
Mendoza Martin - Operations Assistant I
Nelson, Victor – Interim Building Manager
Rodriguez, Alice - Operations Assistant I
Talamantez, George – Housekeeping Night Supervisor
Tatum, Sandra - Operations Assistant I