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About Us

Advisory Council

The University Center is a student-centered organization which values guidance from the UTSA community through its Council. University Center staff members solicit opinions and seek the advice of the campus community through members of the University Center Advisory Council.

The Council is composed of seven (8) currently enrolled, full-time, fee-paying students and two (2) faculty members:

Voting members include:

Sarah Olivarez Ariele Kinney Juan Zuniga Chelsea Linwood
Sarah Olivarez
UC Student Employee Representative

Ariele Kinney
Undergrad Student Representative

Juan Zuniga
UCPrograms &
UC Student Employee
Chelsea Linwood
Undergrad Student Representative

Daphne Martin David Rios Erika Garcia Jaswanth Kintada
Daphne Martin
David Rios
Undergrad Student Representative

Erika Garcia
Grad Student Representative
Jaswanth Kintada
SGA Representative

William McCrary Sandy Norman
Dr. William McCrary
Faculty Representative
Dr. Sandy Norman
Faculty Representative

Ex-Officio Members (Non-Voting Members)

Kevin Price Herb Ganey Jana Schwartz Annie Maynes
Kevin Price
Associate VP
for Student Life, Dean of Students
Herb Ganey
University Center Director
Jana Schwartz
Associate Director for the University Center – Communication & Programs
Annie Maynes
Administrative Associate II
UC Advisory Council Secretary