Center for Water Research
Flawn Sciences Building 4.03.30

Welcome! The Center for Water Research was established as the Center for Groundwater Research and Technology in 1987 by a grant from the National Science Foundation. The Center, a research component of the College of Sciences and the College of Engineering at The University of Texas at San Antonio, is funded by a variety of public and private research funds. The name was changed in 1991 to reflect expanding research activities, staff capabilities and interdisciplinary character of the Center.

Yongli Gao Yongli Gao is the Acting Director of the Center for Water Research. Research interest is in Karst Hydrogeology and Geomorphology; Paleoclimate and Environmental Reconstration and fossil records; GIS and Database management; Sinkhole Hazards and Water Resources; and Basin-scale Hydrologi Simulations. His teaching insterest is in Physical Geology, Geochemistry, GIS Applications, and Geomorphology.

Yongli Gao, Associate Director

Alan Dutton Alan Dutton has more than 30 years of experience in hydrogeology with emphasis in the areas of basin-scale and watershed-scale flow of groundwater; numerical modeling of groundwater resources; assessment and mapping of contaminant plumes associated with crude oil and natural gas production sites; unsaturated-zone flow; environmental site assessment; natural geochemical controls on water-quality variation; and paleohydrology. He developed and worked on computer models of ground water resources in the Edwards aquifer, central Carrizo-Wilcox aquifer, Ogallala aquifer, Trinity and Woodbine aquifers, and part of the Gulf Coast aquifer. He has given expert witness testimony for State of Texas on groundwater issues related to siting a low-level radioactive waste repository.

Alan Dutton, Amy Shelton and V.H. McNutt Distinguished Professorship in Geology

Weldon Hammond

Weldon Hammond, Emeritus