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Marian Martinello

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UTSA Faculty: Then and Now

Celebrating 50 years of faculty excellence

August 26 through September 27
Gallery 23
Student Union — UTSA Main Campus

This exhibition recognizes the legacy of UTSA faculty, who are central to advancing the university’s mission of teaching, research and service. Featured in the exhibit are early portraits of 78 of UTSA’s pioneer tenured/tenure-track professors hired between 1972 and 1978. These individuals, who either completed their careers at UTSA or are still employed by the university, helped shape the curriculum, set academic standards, and significantly impacted the lives of many students throughout UTSA’s 50-year history. We hope that this exhibit elicits fond memories of professors who have made a positive impact on your life.

Each portrait was developed using a printmaking technique called plate lithography, in which the photograph was transferred onto an aluminum plate, then inked and sealed.

In order to narrow the scope of this project to include a comprehensive, yet manageable number of faculty, the faculty members featured meet all three of the following criteria:

  • Tenure-track or tenured faculty
  • Hired between 1972 and 1978
  • Either retired at UTSA, passed away while employed at UTSA, or are still employed at UTSA

Opening Reception   

Thursday, August 29
12:30 p.m. — 2:30 p.m.
Gallery 23
Student Union - UTSA Main Campus 
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Special Thanks:
Art & Art History associate professor Libby Rowe and the students in her Fall 2014 Advanced Photography class; Alexandra Williams; UTSA Department of Art & Art History; UTSA Special Collections staff; and Academic Affairs leadership and staff.


Featured Faculty:

  • John W. Adams
  • Richard E. Adams
  • Ronnie N. Alexander
  • Felix D. Almaraz, Jr. 
  • Raymond R. Baird
  • Ricardo F. Benavides
  • Manuel P. Berriozabal
  • Ronald C. Binks
  • Ruth H. Bullard
  • Steven Boyd
  • Marvin L. Chatkoff
  • George R. Colfer
  • Gillian E. Cook
  • Alan E. Craven
  • E.L. Curry
  • Dewey D. Davis
  • Richard A. Diem
  • James R. Dykes
  • Martha A. Fasci
  • Charles T. Field
  • William T. Flannery
  • Lila J. Flory-Truett
  • Richard A. Gambitta
  • Beverly J. Gibbs
  • Barbara Gonzalez-Pino
  • Melvin Neal Guentzel
  • Richard J. Harris
  • Petr Hochmann
  • Bess E. Hieronymus
  • Marye T. Hilger Tharp
  • Jack Himelblau
  • John W. Hollomon
  • Richard S. Howe
  • Rodolfo Jacobson
  • David R. Johnson
  • Steven G. Kellman
  • Carolyn L. Kessler
  • Wayne W. Laughery
  • William D. Litzinger
  • Eileen T. Lundy
  • Bonnie K. Lyons
  • Marian L. Martinello
  • Hugh B. Maynard
  • Joseph Michel
  • Arthur R. Miller
  • William G. Mitchell
  • Helen V. Oujesky
  • Albar A. Pena
  • Frank Pino, Jr. 
  • Charles D. Porterfield
  • Jacinto Quirarte
  • Gary C. Raffaele
  • Robert D. Renthal
  • Stephen Reynolds
  • Kay A. Robbins
  • Steven Robbins
  • Paul H. Rodriguez
  • Ronald H. Rogers
  • Michael P. Ryan
  • Joel G. Saegert
  • Judith B. Sobre
  • John A. Stoler
  • Berry Sutherland
  • Richard R. Tangum
  • Lucio Tavernini
  • B.S. Thyagarajan
  • Elwood B. Traylor
  • Ram C. Tripathi
  • Dale B. Truett
  • Maria Luisa Urdaneta
  • Joseph Valentine
  • Oscar W. Vanauken
  • Richard B. Wadsworth
  • Kenneth E. Weiher
  • Paul H. Westmeyer
  • Kenneth W. Wunderlich
  • L.J. York
  • Jesse T. Zapata