Past to Present Gallery

Winter Rarity

1982 Snow

1982: Students didn’t have to miss any classes when a snowfall hit campus between semesters.

2017 Snow

2017: A snowy buildup around San Antonio was a late afternoon surprise for commuters and evening classes.

Just Leg It

Exercise 1977

1989: Roadrunner fans take part in a charity run to raise funds for women’s athletics teams.

Exercise 2008

2019: UTSA and San Antonians test their stamina in the annual Diploma Dash 5K Run.

Fire ‘Em Up

Exercise 1977

1981: Cheerleaders show off their skills at the bonfire for the very first basketball game.

Exercise 2008

2017: UTSA Cheer members rally the crowd before a football game at the Alamodome.

Make 'Em Sweat

Exercise 1977

1977: Students get a workout in the university’s new athletics classes.

Exercise 2008

2008: High-tech exercise on treadmills in UTSA’s Recreation Wellness Center.

Making Tracks


1982: A pair from the Roadrunner track and field team run hurdles for a promo photo.


2018: UTSA’s Patrick Prince leads the pack at the Roadrunner Invitational meet.

Class Acts

Class Acts Past

1973: Dewey Davis, UTSA’s first faculty member, teaches an education course on the first day of classes.

Class Acts Present

2008: A science student works in UTSA’s Advanced Microscopy Laboratory

Full of Cheer

Full of Cheer Past

1981: The Roadrunner cheerleaders at the first pep rally, held in Sombrilla Plaza.

Full of Cheer Present

2016: The UTSA Cheer team greet the crowd at Best Fest in Sombrilla Plaza.

We Built This

Sealed & Delivered Past

1995: Construction workers erect the framework of the new Student Union expansion.

Sealed & Delivered Present

2016: The Student Union’s highlighted skeletal frame contrasts with a dusk sky.

Sealed & Delivered

Sealed & Delivered Past

1996: Workers prepare a floor inlay of the UTSA seal while expanding the Student Union.

Sealed & Delivered Present

2012: Using the Student Union to move between Paseo del Norte and Paseo Principal levels.

Pride in Fashion

Bust a Move Past

1973: The new University Bookstore opens, and staff help a student select a UTSA T-shirt.

Bust a Move Present

2012: Students show off T-shirts supporting their UTSA colleges.

Bust a Move

Bust a Move Past

1977: Students dance in Sombrilla Plaza at Beer Bust, the first official university party.

Bust a Move Present

2009: Student groups perform dance routines in Sombrilla Plaza during Best Fest.

University Growth

University Growth Past

1996: Looking west along Durango Boulevard (now César E. Chávez Boulevard) during the first phase of Downtown Campus construction.

University Growth Present

2012: Students gather on the lawn of the inner Bill Miller Plaza on UTSA's Downtown Campus.

Fiesta Confetti

Fiesta A Past

1978: Mark Whitney sprinkles cascarón confetti over Janet Landreth at the first Fiesta UTSA.

Fiesta A Present

2018: Forty years after the first Fiesta UTSA, cascarones are still a staple at the annual party.

Fiesta Fun

Fiesta B Past

1978: Sarah Garrahan hands out swag showing partygoers how to pronounce Fiesta UTSA.

Fiesta B Present

2016: Rowdy ensures attendees have the goods to make Fiesta UTSA an extra fun party.

Campus Fitness

Sports Past

1977: Taking a kick during tae kwon do student organization practice.

Sports Present

2015: A student makes her way up the climbing wall in the Rec Center.

Mighty Mascot

Mighty Mascot Past

1981: New mascot Rowdy "hatches" during a basketball game.

Mighty Mascot Present

2009: Rowdy rallies Roadrunner fans in the Convo Center.

If You Build It...

If You Build It... Past

1972: Aerial view of Main Campus construction.

If You Build It... Present

2015: Drone footage over Peace Circle.

Song and Dance

Song and Dance Past

1977: Beer Bust, the first campuswide shindig.

Song and Dance Present

2016: Lights at the Monument dance and fireworks.

Public Displays

Public Displays Past

1995: An early computer lab.

Public Displays Present

2016: A state-of-the-art classroom.

Let's Do Lunch

Let's Do Lunch Past

1980: Dining from the campus cafeteria.

Let's Do Lunch Present

2018: JPL food court with new eateries.

Off the Books

Off the Books Past

1979: JPL with original lobby design.

Off the Books Present

2016: After renovations and modernization.

On Historic Paths

On Historic Paths Past

1975: First class day on Main Campus.

On Historic Paths Present

2018: Same pathway, all-new views.