Whole New Ballgame

Spurs assistant coach Rudy Davalos reviews basketball facilities on campus prior to starting his new role as UTSA’s athletics director.

A Whole New Ballgame

UTSA gets its first athletics director with a hire from the Spurs coaching staff

[ This article was originally published in the UTSA newsletter The Discourse in February 1976 ]

Rudy Davalos, assistant coach and director of player personnel for the San Antonio Spurs since 1973, has been named director of athletics at UTSA.

President Peter T. Flawn, who announced the appointment, says Davalos would join the university September 1, 1976.

“The University of Texas at San Antonio will begin its athletics program with recreational and intramural activities,” Flawn says. “We will also offer a number of physical activities courses for academic credit and as part of our degree program in health and physical education.”