Welcome, World!

WOAI-4’s Paul Schaefer interviews President Flawn about further plans for the new campus.

Welcome, World!

UTSA introduces the media, students, and employees to first building to open on campus

[ This article was originally published in the UTSA newsletter The Discourse in May 1975 ]

The first classroom building has been completed at the UTSA campus. On April 28, 1975, the 181,000-square-foot Humanities-Business Building was accepted by the UT System Office of Facilities, Planning, and Construction from the contractor, T.C. Bateson Construction Co.

The following day UTSA President Peter T. Flawn held a news conference and gave the first tour of the completed building. Media representatives, students, faculty, and staff inspected the building, where 5,500 juniors, seniors, and graduate students will attend classes next year.

“In 1975–76 we shall office 175 faculty members plus supporting staff in this building,” Flawn told the media. “We will have 200 classes per day.”

The Humanities-Business Building has nine lecture halls, 51 classrooms, and 96 offices. Architectural concrete, sand-blasted for a natural effect, was used in the building. The four-level structure is unique in its deep porches, interior patios, and large open areas with skylight roofs (called galerias), which bring the out of doors inside. The architecture is Southwestern.

“The architects were striving for simplicity and flexibility but with style,” says Flawn.

Campus architects Ford, Powell & Carson and Bartlett Cocke & Associates are responsible for the attractive and practical building. The first firm focused on design, while Cocke’s architects served as administrators and systems design people. The two firms worked together so architectural problems were viewed from all perspectives. Several other architectural firms were involved in various stages of design and construction, including Cerna-Garza-Raba Inc. and Phelps & Simmons & Associates.

While classes are being held this fall in the Humanities-Business Building, the other two classroom buildings—Science-Education and Arts—will be in the final construction stages. Also under construction will be the Convocation Center, expected to be completed in late 1975, and the John Peace Library, which should be finished in early 1976.

The gymnasium of the Physical Education Building, which will house UTSA administrators and staff during the 1975–76 school year, is expected to be completed this July.

When the fall semester begins September 2, all classes will be held in the new Humanities-Business Building at the campus, moving from the temporary facilities established at the Koger Executive Center.