Making the Move

Roadrunner Debbie Morrill helps move boxes from temporary facilities at the Koger Center to UTSA’s new campus building.

Making the Move

Despite the pressures of campus moving day, university business goes on as usual

[ This article was originally published in the UTSA newsletter The Discourse in June 1975 ]

The offices were quiet shells of empty desks and carefully stacked cartons. One secretary, who had stayed behind to help the dean with his final packing, wished she hadn’t packed the coffee. A professor hurried in to get the rubber plant he wanted to move himself.

Moments later, 18 men and two vans arrived. It was just after 8 a.m. on June 9. The move was on.

The College of Business was the first to move from the leased facilities in the Koger Center to the Humanities-Business Building at the permanent campus. More than 400 UTSA employees will be moving to the campus.

The College of Business began moving just five weeks after the new building was accepted from the contractor. During that period carpeting, draperies, and phones were installed. As faculty members move, they commute to the Koger Center to teach summer school. Classes will move to the campus when the fall semester begins September 2.

Despite the move, work didn’t slow down. By the afternoon of the first moving day the College of Business was already fairly well situated in its new quarters. There was still unpacking to do, but students were being counseled, letters answered, and decisions made. Even the coffee pot was back in use.

“It didn’t take us long to get back in business,” says Linda Rihn, the dean’s administrative secretary. “In fact, we never really stopped.”

There was other good news. By the end of the second day, the move was already well ahead of schedule.