Alex Alcala '17 '18

Educator in Denver, CO

Tell us about your time spent at UTSA.

“I am from San Antonio, and a graduate of Taft High School. I decided to join the Navy just five years after 9/11 at the age of 18. I wanted to serve my country and a part of something bigger than myself and give back to my country during a time of war.

After my honorable discharge in 2013, I used my GI Bill to begin my undergrad degree at UTSA in Kinesiology. My goal is to one day become an athletic director and I knew having a post-graduate degree from UTSA would help separate me from the competition. Two weeks after my undergraduate graduation, I swiftly began summer classes with UTSA’s College of Business. I started at UTSA in the Fall on 2014 and by the end of May 2018 I hard earned two degrees.

Earning my Master’s in Business was one the best decisions I have made and has proven to be a valuable asset in my professional career. I am now an educator in Denver, Colorado and working my way up in becoming an athletic director. My education from UTSA has proven to be an invaluable resource.

I am forever grateful for serving in the U.S. Navy and the Veteran’s Affairs for allowing me to earn my degrees without any student debt! I also can’t thank enough my professors at UTSA for the pride I have of being a UTSA alumni!”