Barry Bridges '08

Manager of Organizational Change Management at UT Health San Antonio

How did UTSA prepare you for a successful career?

“Five years into my now stable career, an opportunity came along to form a new team in an emerging discipline, Change Management. Pieced together from around the university, I took the skills I learned in working with study and project teams at UTSA and began to unify and focus the team on the mission of supporting the people side of change in large enterprise software implementations.

Today, five years later, that team delivers testing, training and communications, a group of six full-time employees and two interns. At any given point in time, we are engaged in 7-9 projects. My ability, forged at UTSA, to concentrate on the next thing, prioritize and schedule tasks, is now hardened into my habits and passed on to my team.

I am proud of my team, our creativity and our ability to bring innovations to the university as we work together to make lives better. I am pursuing a second certification in Change Management, but I still ponder that M.B.A.”