Brandon Petrosky '08

Chief Financial Officer in the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

What is the role UTSA plays in the future success of San Antonio?

“The University of Texas at San Antonio plays a vital role to our community’s development and growth for San Antonio. The growing reputation that UTSA has locally, which far reaches that of our city limits, and its increasing offerings, I’m confident that UTSA will become a Tier One rated university. With that said, continued future talent will be drawn to UTSA, leaving it up to UTSA to continue establishing, strengthening and fostering its partnerships with local, leading businesses here. When this is achieved, San Antonio will then be able to help retain the new talent that UTSA graduates each year. And as talent is retained within our city, San Antonio will be primed for economic development and growth, attracting new businesses from elsewhere. Therefore, I truly believe UTSA is very important to our city and am very proud to be called a Roadrunner!”