Brett Seybold '09

Senior Vice President of Finance and Corporate Treasurer for USAA

How do you imagine San Antonio and UTSA growing together?

“In the financial industry, we often say past performance is no guarantee of future success. To ensure San Antonio is positioned for future growth and a place in the global economy, we need a future workforce with the right skills and education. For 50 years, UTSA has provided affordable access to college degrees for the local and surrounding communities. In the process, UTSA has helped create a pipeline of talent for the legacy companies of San Antonio.

The future is being shaped by technology and the data sciences. The development of new graduate programs at UTSA – its master degree program in data analytics is one example – has enabled people to upskill without having to leave San Antonio. Soon, UTSA will open a $57-million school of data science and $33-million National Security Collaboration Center downtown, bringing 15,000 new students and the nexus of a new tech corridor.

UTSA’s ability to adapt quickly to the changing skill-set demands is critical for the global competitiveness of established companies as well as a growth engine for the city by attracting new companies.”