Dr. Jeanette Ball '99

Superintendent of Judson Independent School District in San Antonio

How did your time at UTSA best prepare you for what you are doing today?

“UTSA was an amazing opportunity that challenged me beyond what I knew my capabilities ever were. The master’s and administration certification that I gained at UTSA empowered me to gain the experience that was needed in order to have a successful career in education. The professors at UTSA not only held me accountable for my learning but gave me experiences and knowledge that supported me through my journey of achieving many positions that have ultimately led me to my dream job of superintendent. The classes that I attended provided me real world experience and the networking while attending UTSA provided me a world class education that benefited me and many others.

There are so many individuals that I recall from UTSA, but one of the many was Dr. Bambi Cardenas. She was so down to earth and had the ability to encourage and empower students. She always made me feel that I was able to do anything I set my mind to. I know that is the type of professors that UTSA hires because she was one of many that assisted, supported and helped develop many current leaders in education.”