Kelly Toepperwein '08, M.P.A. '15

Director of community and donor relations at Morgan's Wonderland

How did UTSA best prepare you for your future?

“While pursuing my M.P.A. I was working with a local nonprofit and was able to directly apply what I was learning to the organization I was serving. I was fortunate to work with a boss who really empowered me and gave me the opportunity to utilize and implement concepts and frameworks being discussed in class to advance the organization. 

“My exit research paper was on collaboration in the nonprofit sector and how these partnerships shape outcomes and overall impact. One of the biggest findings was that organizations serving vulnerable populations (like individuals with special needs) are more inclined to work together to provide services and opportunities and increase overall quality of life. I’m fortunate to be part of an organization that is the central hub for the special needs community and to collaborate with other local nonprofit organizations.”