Mohammed A. Alabdani '13

Project Manager

Tell us about your time spent at UTSA.

“I am proud to be able to say that I am a UTSA alumnus -- contributing not only to my success as an electrical engineer but making the journey toward that success, one filled with precious memories, long-standing friendships and valuable life-lessons. I am grateful for the knowledge I acquired and for the principles such as persistence and dedication it instilled in me. Moving 7,937 miles away from home, and living and studying independently can be a big step, but UTSA became my home, almost instantaneously so, that I knew it was the right step. I took a leap of faith and in return not only did it offer me subjects in my engineering discipline that challenged me and that I thoroughly enjoyed, it gave me the skills and coping mechanisms to navigate university life and achieve my goals in a positive environment, surrounded by a supportive community.”