William “Frankie” Trynoski II '17

Director of Policy – City Council District 2

How did UTSA best prepare you for what you are doing now?

UTSA best prepared me for what I am doing now by providing programs that developed my skills in leadership, critical thinking, and networking. I went through the school’s LeaderShape® Institute in 2015 and came out with a much broader and inspired world view. Leadershape taught me invaluable skills and imbued within me a sense of integrity and respect for my community that I will never forget. UTSA also prepared me for my role by hiring top quality faculty within the Political Science Department. The program taught me most importantly how to see issues from multiple perspectives and how to use those different perspectives to embolden and enhance my arguments. I also owe much of my professional development to the skills I gained by joining the Student Government Association. I was in the organization for all 4 years and served as the Student Body Vice President from 2016-2017.