Asaiah Puente

“UTSA shaped every aspect of who I am today. I am a current staff member on UTSA’s University Development team and a former alumna of the College of Public Policy. I crossed the stage in December of 2017 with my undergraduate degree, 20 years after my father did the same.

This campus is special to me, because I met the love of my life, Patrick Reyes, at Chaparral Village. This campus is special to me, because I met my best friends during the Roadrunner Days. This campus is special to me, because my professors molded my education to fit my career. This campus is special to me, because my father attended UTSA and my mom currently attends. So, when I stood there at the ring ceremony, and held my birds up while chanting the Roadrunner Creed, all of these thoughts and memories came flooding back and I knew how lucky I was to have built my memories surrounded by so many amazing individuals.

One of my best memories with the university was the ring ceremony. When it was time to put our rings on, I turned to my dad and asked if he would do the honors. Fast forward a few weeks, and it was time to decorate our graduation caps with our other fellow graduates. I sat next to Patrick as we planned out our designs with pizza and glue in either hand. And, out of nowhere, it started snowing. Everyone ran outside and danced in the snow. I looked up, and took it all in, as I stood in front of the University Center. Fast forward a bit more to commencement. I sat several seats away from Patrick and we could not help but keep leaning over to silently scream at each other in sheer excitement and anxiousness. After the fireworks went off, I turned my ring around to face the world, threw my cap up in the air and said goodbye to my undergraduate career.

A final memory lies in the moment I walked out of the Alamodome. My dad and I recreated a photo he had of us from when he graduated from UTSA—the cap and gowns were black back in 1997—but the sentiment of the photo of then versus now just shows how much UTSA has grown from then to now.

Today, I work with UTSA. I walk through the doors everyday feeling like I am back at home. I am now a part of helping other students establish their memories here. Every day is more fulfilling than the last with my UTSA Roadrunner family surrounding me.

Now and Forever!”

~ Asaiah Puente, CNP, Class of 2017